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Our Summer Camp Community Gets Together For A Winter Weekend

Our Summer Camp Community Gets Together For A Winter Weekend


Summer Camp Community

Make sure to watch the movie wrap up from this weekend!

Without question, our favorite weekend of the year is an event called Winter Weekend. Campers and Counselors from our brother-sister summer camps travel from far and wide to spend a January weekend up at our Camp in NH. We are very fortunate to have many warm, winterized buildings to comfortably house everyone. This past weekend over 80 campers (ages 13-15) and more than two dozen staff braved the cold and snow for a fabulous weekend of fun and friendship.


Summer Camp CommunityThe weekend began on Friday morning when I picked up the campers and counselors from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida at Penn Station in NYC. We rented an entire Amtrak train car just for our group and turned the ride into one giant party! When we arrived at the 128 Train Station in Boston we were greeted by even more excited friends. The train station was filled with a sea of young people hugging and cheering, thrilled to be together as a community once more. Everyone boarded two buses and headed straight up to New Hampshire.



(Parents of younger campers – please consider showing this video to your camper(s) to see if they would like to be a part of this magical, annual event in the future!)


Summer Camp CommunityAs you can see from our video we had an incredible time. That first night we all went sledding, and over the course of the Winter Weekend we played Broomball on the frozen lake, hiked to see our brand new soccer field, had a fantastic co-ed game of football in a foot of snow, watched an amazing fireworks display, played games, ate incredible peanut and tree nut free food, enjoyed the Patriots game, sang Camp songs, and just loved our time together.


Part of what makes the Winter Weekend so special is all of the bonding that takes place. Camps Kenwood and Evergreen are brother-sister summer camps, and we love giving our boys and girls and opportunity to spend this time together as friends. Throughout the weekend we saw campers forming deep, meaningful relationships with older and younger campers, along with campers of the other gender.


The Winter Weekend is always bittersweet in that it gives us a taste of how wonderful it is to be together as a summer camp community, and yet leaves us wanting until we all get back together in NH in June. That said, with the start of the summer more than 160 days away it was simply fantastic to have so many of our campers and counselors making new memories up at Camp this weekend. Younger campers – we can’t wait for you to be a part of this tradition in future years!

summer camp community 

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen are brother-sister summer camps in NH for campers ages 8 – 15. We invite you to learn more about our overnight camps for boys and girls.


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