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Our NH overnight camp is a place where friendships last forever

I write about it so often: that the friendships campers and counselors make in our overnight camp community last forever. I write about it because it’s really the most important part of our community, and it’s also something we are so passionate about. Kenwood and Evergreen is not just a 7-week summer home for boys and girls – it’s the place where our community members make some of the most lasting, meaningful friendships of their lives! In this blog I’d like to focus on just how true this is for our staff and alumni. camp-friends-june-7Deena, Jackie, Amanda, Marla and Emily – camp friends forever!This past weekend my wife Deena, who also grew up at K&E, was with many of the members of her Juniper celebrating their recent milestone birthdays (no, I will not say how old they are, but I will say that they haven’t been campers together since Vanilla Ice had a song on the billboard charts). Even with their busy lives of professional careers and families they still get together as often as possible, and as Deena said afterwards, “it was like we were campers again in about 4 minutes”. All weekend long they sang their favorite Evergreen songs and cheers, reminisced about the many summers they spent living together, and laughed and laughed and laughed. Deena, of course, baked a cake that was decorated in green and gold, the colors of our girls’ camp. A few of the women in this group are now current camper parents, and the others will hopefully be in the near future.Amazingly enough, out at dinner on Saturday night, they actually bumped into a current Kenwood and Evergreen parent who was their counselor back in 1985. As you can imagine, there was more than a little bit of screaming and hugging in the restaurant. An absolutely great time was had by all!camp-friends-june-6Camp friendships are just as strong with our more recent alumni and staff. Recently, there have been get-togethers of former and current counselors in the UK, at college graduation parties, senior proms, nights out in the city, and even large family gatherings on Nantucket during Memorial Day weekend. We love seeing how hard you all work to maintain these friendships and relationships that mean so much to us whether it’s in Washington with two friends from Hut 6 2014, or in California with two best buddies from Hut 6 2002, Camp friends are forever. We loved the recent photo of Yolanda wearing her “Keep Calm And Imagine A Place” shirt, and that Sean, Rachael and Josh are still hanging out every free moment. As the summer approaches and so many of you get together outside of camp please remember to send us your photos!11241227_10153015811178541_1885556364833307272_nWe’ve also had some great announcements in the Camp family recently. Charlotte and Thom (almost known around the camp world as T-Bone) officially got engaged last week. They met during the summer of 2010, when Charlotte was our head of drama, and Thom was a Kenwood Unit Leader. We are so happy for both of them, and thrilled that another beautiful couple formed during their time at our overnight camp.IMG_8810Just a few weeks ago another camp couple celebrated a major event: the birth of their daughter Maisie. Steve is a second-generation camper-counselor, and he met Sarah when she was our office manager (she is still a member of our year-round leadership team, something Steve will thankfully be joining this summer as well!). We send our love and congratulations to your entire family, and of course, to big brother James!Our 7-week overnight camp in NH has a motto, and we all try very hard to live by it: Camps Kenwood and Evergreen — where being a good friend is the most important thing. It’s a major reason why so many people feel so strongly about our community, and I love seeing how true it remains after 84 wonderful summers. Our 85th begins in just a few weeks, and we can’t wait!  Learn why Kenwood and Evergreen friendships last a lifetime

Camp Kenwood for Boys and Camp Evergreen for Girls are located in Wilmot, NH and offer 4 and 7-week sessions for first time campers.