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Our Evergreen Freshmen create their bucket lists

It’s always inspiring to see the many cool and creative ideas our counselors come up with as they help our campers have amazing summers. A great example would be what our Evergreen Freshmen Unit Leader Dylan Mitchell did today with her Freshmen girls’ group (ages 8-9). Wanting to make sure that they not only established goals for the summer but saw them through to fruition, Dylan used her unit meeting time this morning to introduce her girls to the concept of a “bucket list”…and then gave each of them actual little buckets to decorate and personalize. Then she handed them brightly colored popsicle sticks on which to write the different goals they set for themselves for the summer. Their goals included learning to water ski, making and maintaining deep friendships, getting over a fear of heights at the Ropes Course, being more responsible for their own belongings, making a particular travel team, performing on stage at Hollowpallooza, and being brave enough to choose to stay for 7 weeks. As you can see from the photos this creative activity of Dylan’s was a lot of fun for our girls, and a great way to help them get the most out of this summer experience.