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Our camp head counselor shows us the importance of 21st century skills

importance of 21st century skillsOur camp counselors came ready to dance!

Some moments really do sum up our overnight camp community. After a great day of counselor training, our staff were prepared to kick back with a fun night of square dancing. But when 7:30 rolled around and the square dance caller was a no-show we began to make other plans. Then our girls’ camp head counselor, Courtney Chaloff, stepped up with her own idea. “How about I do the callin’?”

None of us had ever heard Courtney run a square dance, and with good reason. She never had before tonight.

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Our summer camp is about teaching our campers and counselors what are called 21st century skills — skills like creativity, adaptability, resilience, and confidence. Courtney started at K&E when she was 8 years old, and as an adult she is now really the embodiment of the lessons learned here. 

Not showing an ounce of fear she stepped onto the stage and commanded the mic. And then the magic began. First she brought out a group of 8 counselors to help demonstrate to the rest of the staff how the dancing would be done. Then she found a couple of songs on Youtube using her iphone. Blown away by her stage presence and command of square dance jargon, 160 of our camp staff took to their feet and danced all night long. Almost half of them had never done anything like this before, and yet they didn’t leave the dance floor for almost two hours. And throughout the night there was Courtney, straight out Newton, MA, calling out each song with a surprising twang in her voice. 



Check out these video clips of our Camp Head Counselor Courtney calling tonight’s square dance!

This was a classic K&E moment. An unexpected challenge presented itself, and rather than pout or struggle, our community figured out how to make the best of it…and in the end made it better than if everything had gone as planned. It was our Camp in a nutshell: fun and funny, and an opportunity to demonstrate how important 21st century skills are to a happy, productive life. 

Bravo, Courtney, and thanks for such an amazing, spirited evening!

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