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Our Brother-Sister Summer Camp In NH Starts To Say Goodbye

Our Brother-Sister Summer Camp In NH Starts To Say Goodbye

summer camp in NH

With just over 48 hours left of this season our campers and counselors set out to enjoy every last moment of today. After a fantastic breakfast from Chef Leonard and his team Kenwood’s Junior campers set out on an excursion to the water slides of Whale’s Tale. I was fortunate to be able to join them, and together we rode every slide and spent a lot of time kicking back in the hot tubs. Check out the short video from our adventure. It was great to spend an entire day with our very happy campers.

In the afternoon Deena took the Evergreen inters to a local farm for some blueberry picking. The girls had a blast being all together, and came back to campus with more fruit than we can possibly eat in the next two days. 

summer camp in NH

Back at Camp the Evergreen 1st and 2nd year seniors were decorating the dining hall for Evergreen’s final banquet dinner. When Walshy and I walked into the building at 5pm we turned to each other and said “this is the best banquet decorating job ever”. It really was. Each year the banquet has a theme, and this year it was “Out Of This World”. The girls made the entire dining hall look like it was set for a dinner on the moon. The place settings were 50’s retro in silver and purple, and they had set up really creative light displays around the building. They constructed paper mache planets and set up lava lamps around the tables. They blacked out the windows with dark paper, and then poked holes in them with needles to make it look like stars were shining around us.

I took the girls aside to tell them what an incredible job they had done, and how proud the entire community was going to be when they saw their efforts tonight. At 6pm, when the girls’ camp arrived for dinner you could hear the cheering across campus. Acka-lacka-ching to our 1st and 2nd year seniors! What an impressive effort on your part! 

brother-sister summer camp

While Evergreen was celebrating at its final banquet Kenwood was gathering for its closing campfire. The ceremony began with each unit leader lighting a torch and joining his group of campers and counselors with the other age groups. Then, in one long procession, they arrived at the campfire area, where Scott and I stood. After everyone was seated the unit leaders and Walshy together lit the campfire. Throughout the evening people stood to talk about the great moments of the summer, about what this community means to them, and how excited they are to be back next year. Each member of Hut 6, our oldest group of Kenwood campers, spoke about their favorite memory from their time at Camp, and also passed on words of advice to our younger campers. It was solemn and poignant, and for most of the night the boys had their arms around each other.

At the campfire’s conclusion, the Big Brothers took their Little Brothers back to the bunks to help them prepare for bed, and to also have a quiet moment together. During these 7 weeks our Big and Little Camp siblings have become very close. It’s clear that it will be an emotional goodbye for many on Saturday. Thankfully, they will have a chance to see each other at upcoming events like our winter camp reunions.

brother-sister summer campOur brother-sister summer camp is an incredibly powerful community to be a part of. We invite you to learn more about it, and understand why over 95% of our campers return each summer. 

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