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Our Brother-Sister Summer Camp friends just love being together!

When we ask our campers and counselors at our brother-sister summer camp what their favorite thing is about our summer camp community the first response we always get it “my camp friends!” During our 7 week together each summer our friendships grow incredibly strong — so strong, in fact, that our campers and counselors (and even alumni and parents) spend a great deal of their time during the winter months making sure they see their camp friends as much as possible. 

Over this past winter break we received tons of texts, emails and photos about the camp friend gatherings that took place over vacation. Oliver and Suess got together for a hockey game, while the entire Greenblatt family hung out with Max and Chuck. Juniper 2014 girls Ari and Lauren had some fun in the sun, as did their buddies Celia and Nicole. Over in the UK Logan and Cohn shared a meal with Ropes Course Director Jono, and veteran campers Sophie and Amy brought their brothers (and new 2016 Kenwood campers!) Samson and Ryan together for a great time.


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Here at our brother-sister summer camp in NH we always say that camp friends are forever, and this vacation proved it! This past week we saw camp alumni and parents spending time together like they were current campers! Phill and the newly engaged T-Bone were vacationing in the pool while the girls of Juniper 2006 were all together for a party! Camp Parents/Alumni Matt, Karen, Liz and Sue were giggling it up on New Years, and the Coyles and Suessermans were together as always! Ariana, Hannah and Ilana brought in the New Years together, as did Becky, Jess, Gabby, Melanie and Annie. Over in the UK Anne Delia Sharkey, Eddie, Lanni, Luke and Amanda had their own mini reunion. 

While many in these pictures are still campers or staff, others finished their final summers with us years…or even DECADES…ago, and yet they are still celebrating life’s special moments with the friends they made at camp when they were kids. We are so happy to see you all still making new memories together!

As you may know, each year we have a contest called “Where Your Camp Shirt“. The idea is to be photographed wearing an article of Camp clothing as far away from our campus in NH as possible. Early on in vacation we got two submissions — one from Sydney in Mexico, and the other from Miles in Switzerland. Great job by both of you, and a fun K&E gift is on its way to you…

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But the person who traveled the farthest, by far, has to be Zelda, who wore her Evergreen shirt all over Southeast Asia. As you can see below, Zelda showed off her tremendous camp spirit in Cambodia, Mynanmar, and even making friends with an elephant! Thanks for sending us all of the great photos, Zelda, and for always showing the world you are an Evergreen camper. You are now in the lead for this year’s contest, and we are preparing a very special prize that may be yours on the opening day of Camp this summer!


Speaking of clothing, did you see the new camp clothing ideas that Josh premiered just before the start of winter vacation? If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out what he has designed for this summer. Make sure to vote on which camp fashions you like the best. We really want your opinions!!!

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In just a few days we will be convening for one of our brother-sister summer camp’s biggest events of the year: the 16th annual Senior Camper Winter Weekend. More on that in the coming days, but if you are interested in seeing what last year’s was like please click here!