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One of our campers writes an advertisement for our girls’ camp

Throughout our 87 year history, many campers and counselors have written about their love of our overnight camp for a school assignment. Recently, one of our of Evergreen Sophomores shared with us this paragraph she wrote as part of a class exercise in how to advertise something that you love.

We want to go give a huge shout out to Sophie Isenberg for capturing the essence of our girls’ camp, and for sharing this with us. Great work! 

EvergreenSlideshow2017-_-_12.jpgOut of all the camps that there are in the world, Camp Evergreen is the best! First there are excellent campers at Camp Evergreen. You can absolutely share secrets with all of your camp friends and trust that they won’t share them. You can play games with your bunkmates, talk about your life at home, and do silly things with them. Secondly, the activities at Camp Evergreen are amazing way to express yourself. Some of the activities at Camp Evergreen, where you can show your skills, are woodworking, softball, and tye-dye. Finally, the bunks at Camp Evergreen are the best place to hang out. Every night you can see the fairy lights and stars up on the ceiling. There are 4 single beds and one bunk bed where you can laugh and chill. Everybody should know that they must go to Camp Evergreen!

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