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NPR talks about our summer camp as the place to gain 21st century skills

Over the past few years Scott and I have written a lot about how our summer camp in NH is an amazing place for children to develop their 21st century skills. It’s a core component of what we teach during our 7-week camp season. Like all summer camps we want our children to have fun and to make life-long friendships, but we also want them to return home having grown as leaders, as critical thinkers, and as innovators. We want them to experience the challenges of living away from home as opportunities to be more independent and resilient young people. We want them not just to play on traveling sports teams or perform in a musical but gain insight into how to collaborate with others on shared goals. These are the skills that will help our children to be truly college and career ready, and will give them the tools and talents to lead fulfilling lives. They are the essential skills of tomorrow’s workforce

21st century skills

The feedback we get from our camp parents is that they see this growth in their children when they return home from 7-weeks in NH. Their child who stepped off the camp bus is more confident, better able to express himself, and better able to adapt to changes. She is more comfortable trying things outside of her comfort zone, and more committed to working on a project until it is completed. 

We’ve been talking about how we teach these 21st century skills to campers for years, and for a long time of our parents have been pretty excited about it.  But recently the world outside of our small summer camp community has been taking notice as well. As just one example, this afternoon the NPR program “Here and Now” ran an amazing piece about the work we do with kids, and how families in China have taken notice, too. 

Back in July a reporter named Rachel Gotbaum spent a day with us. Her goal was to understand why it’s so important that our summer camp teaches 21st century skills, and exactly how we do it amidst all of the fun and amazing activities that we offer each day of the summer. I pulled this quote from her interview with Scott that really gets to the heart of it:

“You can’t just explain the theory of leadership to a kid or teamwork and then expect they’re going to be great leaders or collaborators,” said Brody. “These are skills that need to be practiced and what we can do through this camp experience is to create opportunities to practice these skills and internalize the skill set.”

21st century skills

Camp is our laboratory for teaching all of these vital skills. Part of our secret is that as a 7-week summer camp we have more days than most summer programs to make sure that what our campers learn transfers to life at home and school. All of this incredible learning takes place each summer, while our campers experience it as summer camp, and the best summers of their lives. This is how we are redefining summer enrichment, and why NPR was so eager to see how we are doing it. 

We invite you to learn more about our unique and impactful summer experience for children.

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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7-week brother sister summer camp in Wilmot, NH. We teach the 21st century skills children will need to be future leaders and entrepreneurs!