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More new camp clothing ideas for our brother/sister summer camp in NH

While our summer camp in NH doesn’t require our campers to wear a uniform we do know that many of our kids, camp counselors, camp parents and alumni love to show their camp spirit by wearing clothing with our different logos. In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that I have been working to redesign some of our camp clothing items, and included a link to see what I was thinking about for our summer camp for girls. 

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Gentleman of Camp Kenwood, it is now your chance to preview, critique and review our initial designs for our summer camp clothing.  As a summer camp for boys, we want the clothing to be something our campers can be proud of and wear throughout the school year.

As I mentioned these designs are our initial thoughts and ideas, and they are still a work in progress. We would love your feedback to help produce a range of camp clothing that you (and we) can be proud of.  We would love it if you could fill in this short questionnaire to help us with our research and further ideas.

Without further ado.  I present the first draft of the Camp Kenwood summer 2016 clothing makeover. Thank you in advance for any suggestions and feedback!

Check out Josh’s clothing ideas for Camp Kenwood


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Make sure to check future blogs after the New Year, as I will be presenting which articles of clothing were most (and least) liked, and which will be making the final cut for our upcoming camp clothing catalog. 

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