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New and Fun Experiences at Camp

Yesterday was a day great for fun and new experiences at Camp. Our Kenwood 1st Year Seniors left on the most challenging mountain hike of their Camp careers. Filled with a mixture of excitement and trepidation they left for their expedition up Mt. Washington. By mid-day they had reached the halfway point. Led by Tex, our head of overnight adventures, some set up the campsite while others worked on getting dinner prepared. The boys had a beautiful night sleeping on the mountain, and we await a report from the group leader saying that they have reached the summit!


New and fun experiences at CampOur Arts & Crafts Counselor is a very talented and passionate painter, and one of her goals this summer is to get our campers equally excited about the fine arts. All yesterday she was introducing our boys and girls to a number of projects that are new to our art department. One group she took outside for a period of painting watercolor landscapes of the mountains around us. Another group used vibrant paints to create abstract designs. Another group used colored pencils to draw complicated geometric shapes. As you can see these new projects were a ton of fun!


New and Fun Experiences at CampI spent some time during both the morning and afternoon watching periods in our new Cooking Laboratory. Chef Rachel had enthralled groups of boys and girls planning recipes, along with chopping, measuring, sifting, whisking, baking and stirring. The aromas pleasantly wafted all over the center of Camp. One member of Kenwood Hut 6 said to me with an enormous grin on his face “who ever thought of this as an activity was a genius!”


Last night after dinner in the Kenwood Compound one of our counselors, who is a very talented magician, ran a clinic to teach campers interested in learning about his craft. Campers young and old were mesmerized as he explained and demonstrated the fundamentals of slight-of-hand and misdirection. I love the many cool lesser-known talents of our counselors this year!


Camp had two different tournament teams playing yesterday. At home we had a 13’s Soccer tournament with girls from around New England, and in between games we hosted a BBQ for everyone involved. Our players were thrilled to see so many friends from home, and proudly took home a 3rd place win at the end of the day. Our Evergreen 10’s were also playing Soccer yesterday, though at another Camp. They also came in 3rd place. Lastly, the Kenwood 12’s also played in an all-day Soccer tournament, and also came in 3rd place.


The evening activities for both Camp were a big hit. In Kenwood it was the second Hobby Night of the summer, and campers loved having the opportunity to go to any of our specialty areas, along with participating in non-traditional Camp activities like Bocce and a Magic Cards tournament. In Evergreen the entire Camp gathered for the annual Counselor Hunt. For almost an hour packs of campers scoured the property, looking for adults hidden in, under and around buildings. Our creative counselors used all sorts of clever disguises and props and camouflage to try and keep from being caught (though almost every single one of them was eventually found).


I love how open our kids are to all of these fun and new experiences, especially the silly or challenging ones. It’s wonderful to see an entire community easily transition from goofy to serious and then right back to goofy, especially on a day when so many of them were trying their hardest in our team sports!