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Longtime KE Camper receives prestigious award for her pioneering work in science!

This morning we woke up to some amazing news about a member of our summer camp community. Longtime Evergreen camper Lauren Singer was named by WebMD as one of its four 2017 Health Hero Award recipients! Now in its 11th year, this award celebrates “individuals who are working to improve health and wellness by changing the healthcare landscape, meeting a health challenge and giving back to others.”


Here’s what the announcement had to say about Lauren and the incredible work she began as a high school student:

Growing up, Lauren Singer thought her older sister, Jodie, was just a little quirky, but she later learned Jodie has autism, a developmental disability that affects her communication and social skills. When Singer was in sixth grade, she volunteered with Sunday/Funday, an enrichment program at the Jewish Community Center in Scarsdale, NY, for kids like Jodie with developmental disabilities. Through her volunteer work, Singer became more aware of what it means to live with autism and was inspired to pursue treatments for the condition. After her sophomore year of high school, Singer spent the summer in the lab of autism researcher Joseph Buxbaum, PhD, at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She joined a team of scientists who were testing insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) as an autism treatment. The following summer, she took part in another study using EEG (a test that measures the brain’s electrical activity) to diagnose an autism subtype, Phelan-McDermid syndrome. Singer continues to pursue treatments as a freshman at Yale University studying perceptive cognitive science and is an exemplary example of a health hero determined to identify a gap in knowledge and gather information on a given topic of health in new ways that may lead to a discovery to improve patient’s lives.

“This year’s Health Hero awards recipients are an amazing group of individuals who are impacting the lives of so many through their insights, courage, and perseverance,” said Kristy Hammam, Editor in Chief and SVP for WebMD. “We are proud to honor the new generation of Health Heroes who are meeting health and medical challenges head-on and to those who help guide and grow others within the medical community.”

And we are proud that one of these WebMD Heroes is a part of our Camp family!

Each of the four recipients of the WebMD’s Health Heroes award will be receiving a $25,000 donation from WebMD to their cause and will be featured in the January issue of WebMD Magazine.  There will also be a gala in their honor on January 22, 2018 in New York City. 

Reaching out to congratulate Lauren she had this to say:

Camp taught me from an early age how to set goals and work with others. It also showed me how to laugh it off and try again when I failed.

I loved working on my project, and I’m very excited about all the new opportunities I’m discovering in college. And over my fall break, the first thing I did was visit one of my Camp friends at her college and hear all about the new experiences she’s having, too. It’s amazing to know that we and my other Camp friends are still cheering for each other’s success eight years after we met. 

So well said, Lauren. We love that during your many years at Kenwood and Evergreen you learned to take healthy risks, set long-term goals, and make life long friendships. 

On behalf of the entire Camps Kenwood and Evergreen community we want to congratulate our friend Lauren Singer on the amazing work she has begun, and will continue to pioneer during her studies at Yale University. 

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