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Kenwood’s Color War begins with crunching of metal and a lot of flames

Tonight, we began another amazing special event at our summer camp in NH. After dinner and free play our Evergreen girls went to the theater tent for their annual Plaque and Skit night. In Kenwood, our boys took part in a new event called “Yacht or Not” in the Hollow. Take a look at this video below to see how it began, and then how it suddenly became a fantastic, crazy, high-energy start of our boys’ Color War that we call Maroon and Grey. This was one Color War Breakout you do not want to miss!


Two long-time, beloved counselors, Josh and Alexander, will be the head coaches for Camp Kenwood’s Maroon and Grey teams this Color War. We wish them, and both of their teams, an amazing and fun color war filled with great moments and lots of camp spirit. More on our boys’ camp’s Color War tomorrow, along with an announcement when our girls’ camp starts its own special event!

color war breakout

Josh and Alexander, two long-time Kenwood counselors/friends who will be this year’s Maroon and Grey Color War Head Coaches

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