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Jell-O Wrestling: one of our campers’ favorite activities!

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It’s an age-old question: what IS more fun than our camp’s special event of wrestling in 1,500 lbs of Jell-O? The answer is nothing, because wrestling in that much ooey, gooey slime with your camp friends is pretty much the best thing possible.


Jell-O Wrestling is one of our signature evening activities, and just hearing the name tends to make people around here break out into a beaming smile. Right after the final activity period this afternoon, our maintenance team was in the Hollow building a wrestling ring and filling it will gallon after gallon of bright red Jell-O.

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For more than 2 decades now my wife Deena has been running this event, and she lives for it. As always she did a fabulous job as the referee, and when she returned to our home late this evening she was covered head-to-toe in red gelatinous goop, and her stomach muscles hurt from laughing so hard.


When the entire girls camp arrived at 7:30pm they didn’t quite know how to contain themselves. There was singing and cheering and pure excitement at getting to do something so silly. Starting with our youngest campers, groups of girls in bathing suits tentatively stepped into the pool for a few minutes of slipping and sliding.


Tonight was an incredible event for the girls, and like so many things here, could not have happened without the love, creativity and support of our maintenance team. 

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I’ve heard it said at many other camps that the kids and counselors fear the maintenance department. Often, they are run by a group of grizzled, grumpy old guys who spends their days in “the shop” avoiding interactions with the kids. That’s not how it is at our overnight camp. Our Maintenance Team loves being a part of our community, and gets such a thrill out of helping our campers have special moments like Jell-O Wrestling and dancing at the Fire Truck. This is yet another way our camp community is really fortunate. Many thanks to Pete, Billy, Tex, Hugo and Fette for all of the love and care they give our camp, and for helping make an event like Evergreen’s Jell-O Wrestling a highlight of the entire summer!

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Every night of the summer we do something fun and crazy. That’s part of what makes life at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen so incredible!