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It’s easy making new friends at the Boston area New Camper Party!


It’s easy making new friends at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen

One of the greatest parts of starting at a new overnight camp — and one of the most anxiety provoking — is the opportunity to make new friendships. Childhood is so much more enjoyable when you have a crew of peers who understand you, love you, and can laugh with you about the smallest things. And yet as child development professionals we know that those first moments in a new environment with new people can be a bit scary. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a structured first introduction. That’s why our New Camper Parties are such an important part of our summer camp’s culture. 

Yesterday was our first New Camper Party of 2017 and it was a blast! Campers from MA, RI, NY and NJ joined us and about a dozen counselors for a morning of rock climbing and friendship making at a rock climbing gym outside of Boston. 


The counselor in this photo below is named Dylan. For years now she has run our youngest age group for girls, and she’s like a cross between the Pied Piper and a favorite aunt. Each season she works to forge a special bond with every girl, and they all end their summers knowing how much she and the other counselors love them.

A large portion of the girls at yesterday’s New Camper Party had taken part in our Rookie Day event last summer, and as each girl walked in I saw Dylan say “Hey, I remember you”, and then she would rattle off where they were from and a moment they had shared back almost a year ago during the rookie event. You could see any remaining nervousness melt, and it get replaced with a sense of true belonging. 

Click to speak with one of our directors about our Summer 2018 Rookie event


It was the same with our new boys. Counselor Matt, who started at Kenwood when he was just 9 years old (and has since been on staff for many summers) had them quickly playing games to first learn each others names, and then figured out what they all had in common with each other. Within an hour the boys most passionate about baseball were making plans to play catch together on the first day, whereas a group most interested in card games and art projects were discussing how excited they were to sit next to each other on the Opening Day bus ride. As you can see, it was all smiles and friendship making yesterday. 


One of our age groups had relatively few new campers in the Boston area (and lots from , so a bunch of our veteran campers volunteered to join us and welcome in our newest members. Can you imagine how excited you would feel about joining a summer camp community where your peers were this committed to making you know you were welcome and wanted? That’s the Kenwood and Evergreen way, and it was on display everywhere I looked at our Boston New Camper Party. 


In just two weeks we will be celebrating our next New Camper Party at the House of Sports in Ardsley, NY. If you are a new K&E family and have not yet RSVP’d please click here to do so. And if you need details about the event please visit our online calendar. 

We are so excited for the start of this camp season, and are so happy after our first event of the year for new families! If you are thinking about Kenwood and Evergreen for your son or daughter for the summer of 2018 please contact us about scheduling a tour for this summer.

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