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It’s almost time for Camp 101 instruction emails for Camp Families!

We are getting ready and excited for another wonderful summer at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen, and it is time to being our second annual Camp 101 campaign!  

We will soon begin sending our brother-sister summer camp families a series of weekly ‘Camp 101’ emails, to be sure you have all the information you need to prepare for the summer. These emails will serve as a reminder to do things like complete forms and arrange shipping and will answer many of the questions you might have.  

Some of the topics we’ll cover will include:

  • Medical forms & medications
  • Our official summer 2016 packing list
  • Things your child can and cannot bring to Camp
  • Technology at Camp
  • Preparing emotionally for Camp
  • Important Camp policies
  • Bunk requests
  • Information on ordering K&E camp clothing
  • Packing and shipping luggage
  • Travel to and from Camp
  • Camp store and spending money
  • Phone calls, mail and emails to your camper
  • Photos and news from us
  • Communicating with our staff

camp 101All this information and more can also be found in your Parent Handbook, which you can access at any time by logging into your online Parent Account.

The Parent Handbook is located in the Forms Dashboard section of your account.

Kenwood and Evergreen camp parents can expect to start receiving weekly Camp 101 emails at the end of February.  

We look forward to keeping the lines of communication open and partnering with you for a terrific summer at Camp for your child!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


camp 101

camp 101

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