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Hobby Nights and Pajama Parties at our overnight camp in NH

The second week of the summer has begun and we had a lot going on today. There were many, many day and overnight trips, including an Evergreen 15-and-Under Lacrosse tournament (which we won!), a Kenwood 1st Year Seniors 3-day expedition up Mt Washington, all of Evergreen’s Junior Campers at a water park, and Hut 6’s start of their big white water rafting trip. Back at Camp it was a regular day of activities, and in total we offered more than 35 different individual and team sports, visual and performing arts, outdoor adventures and fun activities on the lake.

Tonight we had special evening activities in both camps. The Evergreen 1st Year Seniors hosted a pajama party in the basement of Cypress with all of our younger friends. It was a night of music, silliness, dancing, helping each other relax, and yet again helping everyone know that they are a valued part of the Evergreen Sisterhood. 

evergreen spa night

In Kenwood tonight was Hobby Night, maybe the most popular night of the week for our boys. With so many passions to pursue here, our boys love having a whole evening to focus on whatever they want to.  

For many campers Hobby Night is about extra time to work on a particular skill. This evening our instructors and coaches were running clinics for soccer, basketball, and tennis. There were also games of gaga, bocce and cricket, and lots of rides down the zip line at the Ropes Course. Our art teachers had their studios open as well, and campers were getting extra help learning to throw on the potter’s wheel, edit a movie, build rustic wooden furniture, design and print their own t-shirts in the Photography Lab, throw on the potter’s wheel in Ceramics, and build model rockets in Arts & Crafts. 

kenwood hobby night

It was a pretty fun and fantastic night all around in Kenwood for pursuing your passions!

While all of this was going on Juniper was busy at the waterfront all evening. Even at 8pm it was still very warm, and the girls loved getting the chance to swim and tube behind the waterski boat with their friends. 

juniper tubing party

After tonight’s activities, and after everyone was back in the bunks, I walked around with my guitar and was fortunate enough to be able to play and sing in every Kenwood bunk for campers ages 8-10. Over the past few night’s Scott had already had a chance to sing to a large percentage of the cabins, and tonight was my night to catch up.

This year I set out a goal to familiarize our campers with Jazz standards and tunes from the great American Song Book, and tonight I was able introduce them to the works of Harold Arlen, Antonio Carlos Jobim, George Gerswhin, the Kingston Trio, Jimmy Cox, Hoagie Charmichael, and Kurt Weill. I also threw in some Beatles, Bee Gees, John Sebastian and Neil Young. 

All-in-all, a pretty fun and fantastic start to the 2nd week of the Summer of 2018!

I’d like to learn more about this sleep away camp!

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is an overnight camp in NH for boys and girls ages 8-15