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Healthy sports competition and happy campers

Our summer camp in NH takes part in a lot of trips and tournaments. Over the course of our 7-week season we collectively are involved in more than 85 separate out of Camp events. We climb mountains and canoe on white water rapids. We visit beaches, waterfalls and caves. We play in tournaments for basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, dance, gymnastics, archery, street hockey and volleyball. We pack a whole lot of fun into each summer for our happy campers.

As fun as the many tournament days can be, we also love the more traditional “intercamp” events. Intercamps allow the kids in each age group the opportunity to play multiple sports in one day, as opposed to focusing on just one. Intercamps give our overnight campers a chance to participate in more events, and more healthy competition, which are always important goals here.

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healthy sports competition

Because so many of our campers enjoy intercamps we schedule one early each summer season for the entire community and call it “Spirit Day”. Both sides of our camp spend the day playing sports and having fun with the campers from another community. We all eat lunch together, get to know one another, and in some cases see friends from home. It’s sort of like having a tremendously large play date that focuses on sports, teamwork and friendship. There’s a ton of cheering and camaraderie, and it always makes for a spectacular event.

healthy sports competition

Today our boys traveled to Camp Pierce Birchmont, and the Birchmont girls traveled to us. Over the course of the day our different units played them in a myriad team sports, including Softball, Soccer, Kickball, Gaga, Dodge Ball, Newcomb, Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball. It was a great day for sports and sportsmanship, as both camps focused on playing well and having a great time. Every camper in Kenwood & Evergreen played in multiple games. It was fabulous to see our kids and coaches giving it their all, while always remaining good sports.  This was true for all participants, and we were incredibly impressed by the sportsmanship of our friends at Camp Birchmont!

healthy sports competition

Walshy, Scott, and Bob spent the day travelling and watching the boys, while Deena, Phyllis, Jacki, Courtney and I stayed back at camp. In both locations we saw some fantastic games. With so many different games and matches it’s impossible to remember all of the scores and highlights of the day. I watched three fantastic soccer games today (Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors) and in each our girls gave every ounce of determination that they had. Thankfully, the final scores reflected their efforts. I watched our Seniors play a fantastic game of softball and come away with an impressive win as well.

brother-sister summer camp

Apparently I missed three fantastic basketball games that our Inter and Senior boys played. Coach Chris Straker helped each squad face some serious competition and come away with three decisive wins!

Towards the end of the day, at each camp our senior campers participated in some less traditional games. At Birchmont our boys were involved in a massive game of tug-of-war, and back home our girls had a contest to see which team’s bucket brigade could fill a trash barrel first. Each team had to transport water from the lake to about 100 yard away in a series of little pails. It was fun and healthy competition, and great to see everyone at both camps cheering for their friends. 

I loved seeing everyone have so much fun. I loved seeing so many great games, the teamwork and the sportsmanship. I loved how in just two weeks all of our different age groups are now able to come together and play so many different sports so well.

Without question a great time was had by all!

healthy sports competition

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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7-week brother-sister summer camp in Wilmot, NH. We offer more than 35 exciting activities each week, including team sports, visual and performing arts, water skiing, outdoor adventure, and more!