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Having An Amazing Winter Weekend In New Hampshire!

We woke up to a gorgeous New Hampshire sunrise over our lake. It was a perfect start to a pretty perfect day #2 of our 2015 Senior Camp Winter Weekend. The weather was much warmer than we had anticipated, without a hint of clouds or wind. Campers and counselors made their way to Cypress Lodge for a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, fruit, fried potatoes, bagels, and more. And from there we put on our winter weather gear and got outside to play!

Morning on the lake during Winter Weekend

All morning we were out playing hockey and broom ball on the lake. Campers were skating, taking hikes, and trying out a new game that we brought to this year’s event: curling. Or, more accurately, it was a curling hybrid that we created involving bocce balls and brooms. It was a ton of fun. 

winter weekend in New Hampshire

winter weekend in New Hampshire

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Mid-morning everyone came inside to warm up. We played some excellent games of bananagrams, uno, backgammon, ping pong, foosball and chess, and then feasted on some local Pizza Chef pizza. 


After lunch we all went back outside again. A group of campers spent a few hours sledding down from Senior Hill to the Junior Ball field, while others just lay in the snow giggling and laughing. Bob Mitchell hosted his annual semi-tackle football game in the Hollow, and about 50 campers and counselors turned out to play. We also set up a bonfire by the Evergreen beach, which became the spot for hanging out and keeping warm.



At 4pm everyone came back inside to shed all of their winter layers and watch the Patriots’ football game. As you can imagine, the building shook with the cheers, groans and stomping feet throughout the game. A group of counselors took it upon themselves to make about 100 soft baked pretzels, and then set up a “fixins” bar so that the kids would make their favorite combination (we had sea salt, cinnamon sugar, and different mustards). It was utter pandemonium when the Patriots narrowly beat the Ravens in the final seconds of the game. 


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During half-time we paused for dinner. The kids devoured the Chinese-style meal we served, including the spring rolls, white rice, beef and broccoli, chicken lomein, General Gau’s chicken, and stir fried vegetables. Then we celebrated the birthdays of two of our friends, who were beyond excited to finally have birthdays at Camp.

winter_weekend_in_New_Hampshire_8And somehow, there was still more to do! Just as we finished singing “Kings and Queens” the horse-drawn sleigh that we had ordered arrived. For a couple of hours groups of campers and counselors huddled under blankets while they rode through the night, pulled by a team of horses, around our campus. As they made their way through Junior camp, up and around Senior Hill, and back to Evergreen, they sang Camp songs, shared stories, and just loved being together.


As the sleigh rides ended we had everyone gather together on the Evergreen beach. Walshy, Courtney, Travis (our head of Lacrosse) and I were in the middle of the lake, having set up a massive fireworks display. Even with the pops and booms of the explosions over our heads we could hear the kids and counselors oohing and ahing. After a spectacular finale they gave us a big “Acka-Lacka Ching”.


With the fireworks over most of us headed back to the Hollow to get a last few sledding runs. Everyone was talking about how incredible today was, and campers and counselors who had been at previous Winter Weekends were commenting that this was their favorite ever. I am inclined to agree. 

From there everyone headed back to the bunks to change up for bed. The bunks are now quiet, and our campers and counselors are getting some must-needed sleep after a VERY busy and exciting day. 


To see a larger version of this panoramic photo please click here!

Thankfully, there’s still more of this year’s Winter Weekend left, and everyone has more time to spend with their camp friends tomorrow. What a perfect day in this New Hampshire winter wonderland. 

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