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Greetings from Montreal, Canada!


Our campers have been on some exciting trips this week. Currently, the Evergreen 2nd Year Seniors are white water canoeing on the Androscogin River, and yesterday Scott took boys of the same age group to Maine for a day of surfing and eating lobster. In the lead up to Hollowpallooza our Athletic Directors Jacki and Bob Mitchell took our oldest Evergreen campers on an adventure in Montreal, Canada, and currently my wife Deena and I are doing the same with our Kenwood Hut 6 campers. It’s a 2 night/3 day trip of sight seeing, cultural experiences, amazing meals, and some fantastic bonding. For some of the boys on this trip this is their first time in a foreign country, and we are honored to be their guides. This is a trip we both went on as campers, and it means a great deal to us that we get to lead it this many years later. 


In both our girls’ and boys’ camps Montreal is the final overnight adventure of your time as a camper. The itinerary is pretty jam-packed. First stop is always a meeting in the hotel pool and hot tub. Then it’s walking the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal. Eating at outdoor Parisian-style cafes. Guided tours of the city’s most beautiful cathedrals and learning about the meaning of the art and architecture. A stop at La Ronde, home of the 1967 World’s Fair. A tour through this city’s magnificent modern art museum. An IMAX movie. Playing in the largest Laser Tag arena I’ve ever seen. Trying poutine and crepes for the first time. 


Celebrating Robert’s 16th birthday, even though it absolutely was not his birthday and he had no idea that we had planned a celebration in his honor at a gourmet restaurant.




Tomorrow we’ll be boating on the St. Lawrence river in a boat powered by two jet engines while 30-foot waves crash over you. If the ride is anything like the last 14 trips I’ve taken, the boys will be soaked head to toe on one of the greatest thrill rides ever, and gasping for air because they are having such a hysterically fun time laughing with their Kenwood Brothers. 


Start to finish the Montreal trip is pretty amazing, and for both me and Deena our favorite part is always the conversations. Camp can be so busy, and to have three days worth of meals to sit and really talk with these guys is an opportunity not to be missed. Whether we have been on a walk or at a meal they’ve been eager to discuss politics, history, literature, religion, music, art, theater, movies, the best flavor at Ben & Jerry’s and the merits of the Designated Hitter rule. We have enjoyed every minute with them, especially these moments where we get to see just how much they have grown over their years as campers, since we first got to know them as very little boys! 

IMG_7746 2

What a wonderful trip to Canada, and what a wonderful group of campers to spend 3 days with!

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