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Great times with our Camp friends at the House of Sports in NY

Our season of gatherings with our Camp friends has begun! 

Last Friday, October 13th the Camps Kenwood and Evergreen community gathered at the House of Sports in Ardsley, NY for an evening of fun and games. That night we were joined by our Summer 2017 campers under the age og 12, along with about a dozen who will be joining us for the first time in 2018!

Camp friends

It was great to see how quickly our kids returned to the same happy dynamic they had as campers this summer, both with their peers, but also with their older friends and counselors. At Kenwood and Evergreen our Camp friendships become really deep and important. 

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Camp friends

During the party we played games like gaga, kickball and flag football. It was great to see how easily everyone played together, whether they had been bunkmates this summer or were just meeting everyone for the first time. 

Camp friends

Camp friends

So that everyone felt welcome and included our counselors made sure to run a series of funny ice breaker games that allowed everyone to meet one another, learn their names, and also find out what they all had in common. It’s a lot easier to make new friends when the adults help you meet people. It also makes starting at a summer camp a whole lot anxiety provoking when you have started to making friends months ahead of Opening Day!

It’s for this reason that we also have a party like this in the Boston area this coming November, another in Florida this February, and 2 more in Boston and New York in May!

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making camp friends

While we were playing Scott and Deena had their own gathering with our current and future Camp parents. It was a chance to answer parent questions, talk about the outcomes that we generate each summer for our campers, and help our newest parents also feel like they were joining a fun, caring community. 

making camp friends

Towards the end of the event we also sat down for a meal with our Camp friends. As is always the case with K&E events, all of the food was peanut free and tree nut free. So that our friends who cannot eat gluten and dairy were safe I also made gluten free and dairy free pizzas, and had safe ice cream treats on hand for everyone! 

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peanut free summer camp

And though it felt like it had just started at 9pm we sadly had to say goodbye. Scott, Deena, Walshy and I were there to give everyone a hug goodbye, and remind them that we can’t wait to see them at our upcoming Camp Reunions in Boston and Stamford, CT this coming December and January. 

gluten free summer camp

Thanks to all of our new and veteran camp parents who made the trip to the House of Sports, and for our fabulous Kenwood and Evergreen campers who showed their Camp spirit by giving our new friends such a warm welcome. 

camp friends

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