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Got the winter blues? Hang out with your camp friends at a reunion!

On this snowy day, when so many of our camp friends are yet again home from school, we wanted to stop and remember how much fun we recently had together at the Camp reunion in CT. About 250 members of our brother-sister summer camp community converged on the Chelsea Piers in Stamford, CT for an incredible night of fun and playing with camp friends. 

First, we sat together to watch the premier of our 2016 Camp Video Yearbook. It’s a 30 minute highlight reel of some of our favorite moments from this summer, including campfires, Jell-O wrestling, incredible theater productions, sports tournaments, crazy creative weekend events, this year’s amazing color war breakout, and so many moments of friendship and fun. 

Watch the 2016 CampsK&E Video Yearbook


After watching the video yearbook and enjoying some dinner together (which of course was entirely peanut and tree nut, and included delicious gluten free options) it was time to PLAY. For about two hours our campers and counselors were tumbling in gymnastics, rock climbing, shooting hoops, playing trampoline dodgeball, and just having the best time being together. 

Every time we get together a camp reunion I marvel at how quickly our campers and counselors get back into “camp mode”. They laugh more, they hug a lot, and they just seem so much happier. All night long Scott, Deena, Walshy and I had parents taking us aside to say how much they were seeing it, too. There really is something special about being a part of this camp community. 


I would like to give a special shout out to hero of the reunion Celia Golod. As a longtime Evergreen camper and now counselor Celia understands the importance of why we are an unplugged summer camp. During the summer our campers trade in their cell phones, ipads, and world of apps for 7 weeks of deeper friendships and a whole lot less social drama. Knowing how easy it would be for our older campers to physically be at the reunion while also staring into their screens all night, Celia gently collected all of her campers’ phones for the duration of the reunion. The result was a night of trulying bonding with one another the way they do each summer up in New Hampshire. Great counseloring, Celia!


With our Northeast area camper events successfully completed, we are now preparing for our first-ever Camps Kenwood and Evergreen reunion in Florida! If you will be in the area on Wednesday, February 22 please come join us! It’s going to be a great time, and we are so excited to hang out with so many of our Florida Camp friends!

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