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Fun Seeing Camp Friends Around the World Over Vacation

If you were on vacation last week I hope that you and your family had a fantastic time. we’re currently going through the many pictures we received of happy campers skiing, visiting warm places, and having all sorts of fun, often while wearing their Camp t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats. Remember that our “Where Your Camp Shirt” contest is still going, so if you have a picture in an exotic location wearing some camp apparel to send it to us. Even if you didn’t travel the farthest (and there’s an awesome prize if you did) anyone participating will get something fun at the first assembly this summer on Camp Opening Day!

It also looks like lots of Camp friends had fun being together over this vacation. AJ and Brandon look like they were having a great time at the New England Aquarium last week. My family and I were also fortunate to run into Brandon this past Sunday as he was getting ready to play some indoor soccer. I also had a chance to hang out with Dylan M. and Kamelle and her family as I was in the New York area doing home visits with new families. Katie B and her Camp Big Sister Ari having been hanging out a lot together lately, and even spent some amazing time skiing together out west. We also hear that Ari’s brother Josh has been seeing his Camp little brother Wes quite a bit too!


There were also quite a bit of counselors and camp alumni who got together this past week. Lauren, Julie, Shira and Shawn were together in New York City for brunch just a few days ago. Dana, Jesse and Lauren took what looks like a fantastic vacation to TX together as well. On her latest trip to the UK Evergreen Unit Leader Rachael Silver had a massive Camp reunion with longtime K&E counselors Paul Ken, Carys, Hatty, Sophie, Laura, Gayle, Ally and Ffion. It’s so wonderful to see how K&E camp friends remain close forever, even when they live in totally different parts of the world! Acka-lacka-ching to you all for keeping your Camp spirit so strong. 

camp-friends-1Our favorite camp friends photo from this past week involves the Gusicks and the Gordons. Sam and Sydney Gusick have been spending their summers with us in New Hampshire for many years now, and their brother Cooper will hopefully be joining us in the not-so-distant future. On this vacation in Florida they hung out with the Gordons, whose daughter Alex will be a first-time camper this summer. But the Gordons are certainly not new to our camp community, as dad Evan and his siblings grew up at K&E…and Evan was actually my counselor. Twice. He’s also the creator of the Jon Levine Story, K&E’s most beloved adventure story! We love that these two families have grown so close, and Alex hasn’t even spent her first summer with us yet!! 

And by the way, we do see that Cooper is wearing a Camp shirt in this picture, so yes, he wins a prize, too! Way to go, Coop!


We love how connected our campers, counselors, alumni and parents feel to one another, even in the midst of an incredibly cold and snowy winter. This was apparent 2 weeks ago during our Tri-State Area Camp Reunion at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, CT. If you missed that event, and want to see how much fun our 250 campers, counselors and parents were having, please click here. Clicking on the link will also take you to our Summer 2014 Video Yearbook, which we showed at the Reunion.

Camp is only 123 days away, and we cannot wait to see you all at the bus stops, and back at our summer camp in New Hampshire. We could not be more excited!

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