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From Farm To Table: Exciting New Menu Changes

From Farm to TableWe spent much of the school year looking at how we could update and improve our entire menu.  Starting in the fall we hired a company called Sustainable Foods Systems.  SFS consults with private schools, colleges and leading institutions about how to create meals for large groups that are locally sourced, made from scratch, healthier, and pleasing to the palate of today’s children. With their help, we have reinvented our entire menu, and are excited to offer our campers and staff many new, enjoyable meals that will be prepared in new and different ways.


As part of these important changes in the kitchen longtime chef Anne has retired, and we now welcome Chef Doug to the Camps K&E family.  Doug has worked in restaurants throughout the United States, and has helped many organizations reinvent their food service with great results. Doug and his team are incredibly excited to be cooking for you this summer!


In order to give Chef Doug more information about which meals you do and do not want, we will be posting surveys and food questions almost daily on the Camp Facebook Wall from now until the middle of June. We invite parents, campers and staff to check them out and share with us your thoughts. We want this to be the tastiest summer in Camp’s history!