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Friends from our brother-sister summer camp are everywhere!

When you are a part of our summer camp community, your camp friends are everywhere! No matter where you go there’s a good chance you’ll see a friend you made during your 7 weeks at our brother-sister summer camp in NH. 

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IMG_7775-1.jpgCase in point: As I wrote about a few weeks ago, recently Eva and Yaffe were at Epcot Center and bumped into the head of our cooking laboratory, Salvadore Marin. Sal misses camp tremendously, and was so excited to see some of his Camp Evergreen friends!

This past Saturday, when I was driving through CT and I rolled down my window to say hello to the Kaplan family, whose son Ethan is a new Kenwood camper. Back in December, after leaving a gig that I played in NYC, I realized that the woman I was standing behind in the line for the parking garage was the grandmother of former K&E campers/counselors Gordon Novod and Jessica Novod Berenblat (current camper Cooper Berenblat’s great-grandmother). I hadn’t seen her since Gordon’s wedding some ten years ago!

During the Senior Camper Winter Weekend, just as we were boarding the train I noticed Pam and Sarah Fisher in the waiting area. Sarah was a long time Evergreen camper and counselor, and Pam has been a K&E parent and booster for almost 15 years now!

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As great as it was to see them, it was a little odd when we stepped off the train 4 hours later…and there were Sarah and Pam AGAIN! Some people just can’t get enough time with their camp friends…;)

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This past weekend I had home visits with some new camp families that live in Manhattan and Westchester. Just after merging onto the highway, I heard this loud commotion to my left. When I turned I realized it was Sarah Francis Silverberg and her husband Steve Silverberg. Steve is a second-generation K&E camper/counselor, and helped run our Counselor 21st Century Skills Certification program this summer. After starting at a counselor many years ago Sarah became our long-time office manager, and now is a permanent part of the K&E Leadership Team. Sadly, the photo I took is a little blurry, but I think you can see that neither of them has grown up too much since their counselor days. 


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Last weekend NYC was hit by an enormous snow storm, and I was there from Friday – Sunday to meet with prospective camp families. On Sunday morning, driving down Broadway I saw this father and son a few blocks ahead, doing their best to climb over some snow drifts. Recognizing immediately who they were, I pulled my car to the left to say hello. Unfortunately, neither of them noticed the CAMPK&E license plate on my car, and instead thought that I was aiming to drive into them. As I got closer the dad motioned at me as if to say “hey, we’re walkin’ here!” It was at that point I rolled down my window and yelled “Eric! Will!” It was our camp friends the Leventhals, and I could not have been more excited to see them!


There are a lot of wonderful reasons to join our brother-sister overnight camp community. Every day of the summer is filled with excitement, fun and learning. My favorite reason to join our summer camp is that you immediately become a part of a family for life. Life is simply better when you have close, caring friends that you can visit all over the world. 

Learn why Kenwood and Evergreen friendships last a lifetime