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Former K&E camper/counselor maintains lifelong passion for helping people

We love seeing how so many of our camp alumni make helping others a part of their adult lives. Recently, we saw a post on Instagram about Dr. Eric Carniol, one of our former campers and counselors, doing exactly that. Here’s the photo that he posted, and the story he shared with us:

Recently, I took care of a young patient with a vascular tumor on his scalp. The parents were concerned that preschool classmates had been poking it, as it stuck out past his hair.  They were concerned he would be a target of ridicule so I removed it in the operating room. When the patient came back to the office, he presented me with a big grin and an amazing present! We all know who picked it out!

Young Dr. Eric on defense during Color War Football

If you knew Eric from his days at K&E none of this would surprise you. In every memory we have of him — playing in sports tournaments, hanging with his campers in a bunk, or in the final round of “Survivor” competition when he was 15, he was always thinking about the experiences and feelings of people around him.

After reaching out to congratulate him on helping his young patient we exchanged a few emails in which he reflected on his time in the Kenwood & Evergreen community.

Camp inspired me to always play an active role in my community. As a camper, I was a Big Brother, a Survivor contest winner, and a Color War captain. As a counselor, I was a Color War Song Writer and Coach. I loved these opportunities to foster my skills of leadership, public speaking, and seeing things through until they were successfully completed. These skills have translated well in my medical school, business school, and surgical training to better the lives of my classmates, groups, and patients.

When I was interviewing for college and medical school through a combined program at Boston University, I stayed overnight with one of my best friends from camp, Ben Offenberg. As I was leaving his house in the morning, Ben’s father, Freddie, said “Oh yeah, I have a camp friend who is a professor at BU, Fred Wasserman. You should give him a call.” Later that day, I did just that. I did an impromptu telephone interview with Dr. Wasserman.  As it turned out, he was on the selection committee for my program and I am sure this additional interview went a long way!

After being a camper and counselor, I went to Boston University for the BA/MD program. Before graduating from medical school, I earned an MBA from BU as well. I then went on to do Head and Neck Surgery training at Rutgers University in New Jersey, followed by a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of Toronto. While my wife has been finishing her training at Boston Children’s Hospital, I have been working in Milford, Massachusetts. This summer, we are moving back to New Jersey where I will be focusing on facial plastic surgery. Online, you can follow me @drericcarniol!

We so enjoy seeing the many amazing things our campers and counselors go on to do with their lives, along with hearing how living in this community helped shape who they have become. Please join us in giving Dr. Eric a huge “Cha-Hee-Cha-Haw” for the incredible work he is doing.

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