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For Parents: What The Happiest Families Have In Common

An article for parents caught my eye a few days ago titled “6 Things The Happiest Families All Have In Common”. It was actually a summary of the book The Secrets of Happy Families by author and social commentator Bruce Feiler. You may be familiar with Feiler, as he has written for the New York Times, New Yorker, is a regular commentator on NPR, and has a series of TED talks that have millions of views. Based on his research here are Feiler’s 6 tips for creating a happy family dynamic:

    1. Create a family mission statement
    2. Share your family history
    3. Hold weekly family meetings
    4. Fight right
    5. Have family dinner together… any time of the day
    6. Just try


As I look at this list and think about my own family (including the one that I grew up in, and the one that my wife and I co-parent in now), I recognize some things that we do, and at least one then never occured to either of us. I’ve included a link below to the entire article, which elaborates on each of Feiler’s points. 6 things the happiest families all have in common

As a director at our summer camp in NH I have had the pleasure over getting to know most of our families very well, and a lot of you seem to have a really happy dynamic. So I’m curious: do you feel like this list captures any or all of how your manage life in your home? Do you hold weekly meetings or have a family mission statement? Are your kids well versed in your family’s history? Does it matter if they are? Is Feiler missing any other tips that you would recommend to others? I’d love to read your comments and thoughts.

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