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Finding delicious new GF and Peanut Free snacks for camp this summer

I was really hungry. I had been at a fantastic trade show for people with food allergies for 6 hours and had forgotten to pack a lunch. As the crowd of potential summer camp parents and campers at my booth began to thin I went on a walk, hoping some of the vendors had some gluten free and peanut free samples to tide me over. 

IMG_2820.jpgA kindly face at the Don’t Go Nuts table offer me something called a Blueberry Blast bar. I bit in and my first thought was “This is good. This is really good.” As I ate more of it I had a vision of Kenwood and Evergreen campers carrying these on camping trips and to sports tournaments this summer, and I knew that they would absolutely adore them.  I looked closer at the label: no peanuts, no tree nuts, totally gluten free, and made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Wow. And it turns out that they make a whole line of bars in other flavors like honey graham and white chocolate. 

FullSizeRender 5.jpgTurning around, I found my second delightful and delicious surprise of the day: Homefree Cookies. Not only are their cookies peanut free, tree nut free and gluten free, they were named by the Good Housekeeping Research Institue as the “Best Gluten Free Cookies” on the market. Never one to turn down a quality cookie I tried one and mumbled with crumbs in my mouth to the owner and creator of the company “thith ith the best tathsing gluten free cookie I’ve eva had”. And I meant it. It was light and crunchy and full of flavor. I handed one to my son, not telling him it was gluten free, and he said “Dad, I would love these at Camp this summer”. We will also be happily serving these and some of their other flavors of cookies at our summer camp this year.

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We love being a safe summer camp community for children with food allergies, and we love discovering all of the new and different foods out there for our friends who need to avoid certain allergens. We will keep you posted as we continue surveying what is out there as we prepare for the summer of 2017!