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Find an incredible summer camp job

Have you been trying to find an incredible summer camp job? Here’s what some of our counselors and staff had to say about working at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen in New Hampshire.



incredible summer camp jobCan I just take the opportunity to thank you and everyone at camp for an amazing summer, I don’t think we could have been taken better care of or made to feel more welcome as international staff. I heard plenty of stories from other camps on my travels afterwards and didn’t find anything that came close to the experience you gave us. 

– Cate


The past 4 summers I have spent at Camp have been the best moments of my life. Some of my most cherished memories and amazing 

experiences have been when I have spent my summers at camp. I remember thinking in my first year that I was only going to come for one summer and that I didn’t see myself falling in love with camp like everyone says you do. I was so happy to discover that I was wrong about that. I truly have fallen in love with camp and the people that make it what it is. I can’t think of any other place that I have 

incredible summer camp job

been to where I have been greeted with open arms and smiling faces. Where I have been treated with respect and such kindness. Where I was able to realize my potential and feel like I was making a positive influence in someone else’s life. Where I was treated as an equal. But most of all, I can’t think of any other place that I have been to where I have felt like I truly belonged. Camp is such a magical place. I feel like not only have I learned so much from my experiences at camp, but I also feel like I have become a better person because of it. I am going to miss camp so much but I will never forget it and everything that it has given me over the years. 

I just want to say thank you for giving me the chance to experience Camp, David. If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t have ever known that a community like Camp ever existed.

– Tony


incredible summer camp jobMy fondest memories of the summer include: 

  • Sitting down with the teams after tournaments, reviewing the process and hearing some incredibly mature reflections and signs of great personal development. 

  • Seeing some campers who would not be considered athletic, or good basketball players, finding success, growing in confidence. 

  • Seeing those players with a passion for basketball work hard to individually improve learning new skills and developing their abilities in the game. 

  • Seeing great development in the personal growth of some of the campers

– Chris


incredible summer camp jobKenwood and Evergreen really provides a place for youth to grow that I think is hard to find in today’s society.


– Robert


incredible summer camp jobI want to thank every one at camp Kenwood & Evergreen for the opportunity and experience you gave to me this summer. It was a pleasure to work with you all and I hope that it is a relationship that will continue long in to the future.


– Elizabeth



incredible summer camp jobI love Camp


–       Mark


The overnight trips were great because our age group of campers were so close with each other. My campers and four staff went up the mountain in an hour and a half, up and down. We set up the tents, a violent storm hit us and we were marooned in the tents for two hours. The boys rallied and seem to have a fantastic time with each other. The rain stopped we had a good dinner and then made s’mores. But the best part of the trip was the morning where the other counselors and I were making eggs and all the kids were just hanging out around. They all were just hanging out around the small fire we had and just chilling like a unit of all friends, kind of like a high school lunch room atmosphere. That morning really meant a lot to me.


– Caleb


incredible summer camp jobWaking up every morning to the incredible, beautiful landscape of Kenwood and Evergreen made my summer!


– Emma


incredible summer camp jobWhen a camper has been trying hard for years at something and it finally clicks for them. When they finally figure it out and it all clicks it makes your whole summer.


– Andrew


incredible summer camp jobMy fondest memories of the summer where when I was taking kids on mountain biking periods. I have especially fond memories of these because I’m a keen cyclist, and I was able to help some of the lesser experienced kids become better at it. Seeing how I was able to help them grow was so incredibly rewarding.


– Jonathan


incredible summer camp jobMeeting people from all of the world was amazing. I now have friends from more than a dozen countries, and I know that they will be my friends for life. 


– Megan


If you would like a life changing, unforgetable, incredible summer camp job that makes a difference in the lives of children from around the world fill out an application today.


incredible summer camp job


This year we will be looking for qualified applicants in these positions (and likely others):

  • Male Cabin Counselor
  • Female Cabin Counselor
  • Tennis Instructor
  • Challenge Course Staff
  • Lifeguards & Swim Instructor
  • Waterski Boat Driver
  • Photography or Video Teacher
  • Soccer Coach
  • Archery Instructor
  • Lacrosse Coach

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