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Find an incredible summer camp job

Have you thought about a summer camp job? Here’s why you should consider applying to work at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen in NH.


summer camp job


A Summer Camp Job at Kenwood & Evergreen

A summer at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen is more than just a way to spend your time. It’s a chance to:

  • Spend every waking minute coaching a sport you love

  • Make and hang out with friends that will remain on your speed dial for life

  • Be outside in (mostly) fantastic weather, in one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen 


See our incredibly
beautiful campus


More importantly it’s a chance to positively shape the future of others!

  • Inspire a young artist to create a painting they’ll hang on their wall for years to come

  • Coach an athlete to their first season on the starting roster

  • Impart your passion for music or theater

  • Teach a child how to be a better friend

  • Help prepare a child for a world they’re not ready for


summer camp job


That isn’t to say that a summer camp job at Kenwood & Evergreen is a holiday! We’re looking for counselors and coaches who are willing to go above and beyond and lend a hand whenever needed. Whether its giving one-to-one tennis lessons during your lunch break, sitting up until midnight with a homesick camper, or simply helping set up last minute activities, we want staff who are committed to their best in their given role.  

What we can do for you

A summer working with us at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen is an opportunity to also change your life for the better. We can help you develop the skills necessary to attract future employers. We take staff development seriously.  


  • Take part in a 2-week training program run by business and human development experts from around the United States.


  • Build a resume with definable 21st Century Skills that today’s employers are craving in future employees.


  • Become more skilled in critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and collaboration, adaptability, communication, and leadership


  • Obtain a letter of recommendation that articulates your excellent character and quality work ethic.


If you are going to grow and succeed as a camp counselor – and in the rest of your life – you are going to have to practice these on a daily basis. We teach these exact skills to our campers, and to our counselors. As you develop and practice these 21st century skills we’ll help you incorporate them into your resume (CV) and validate them with professional references and recommendations. 


Working at Kenwood & Evergreen will likely be the hardest, and most rewarding, job that you have ever had. In 7 short weeks you will have the chance to make a lasting impact on the life of multiple children from around the United States and the globe. To better understand the outcomes that we create each summer, and how working at Kenwood & Evergreen may be the best way to improve your resume, we invite you to take a moment to watch this video from our staff training this past summer.




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