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Field of Dreams: Opening a New Chapter at Camp

We have some very exciting Camp facility news. We love our campus, but have always hoped that someday we might be able to expand the number and size of the athletic fields at Kenwood & Evergreen. 

New Land Map


This has been the dream of every owner of Kenwood & Evergreen since our founding, but unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to buy additional land to make that dream a reality…until now. We are thrilled to announce that after almost a year of negotiating Scott was able to purchase 26 acres of land beyond Kenwood’s Senior Hill, which wraps around the lake! This is our field of dreams!


Over the next few months our team of contractors will be constructing THREE GORGEOUS new full size Soccer fields which will be playable by the start of next summer! We promise to lead many tours to see the newest part of Camp throughout the summer, and anticipate that we will open a new campsite on this land which can be used by bunks that would like to share in an evening of camping under the stars this summer and for many summers to come. We are thrilled about this new chapter in the history of Camp. 


Pretty exciting stuff, huh?