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Everything happens Thursdays!

The last 24 hours at Kenwood & Evergreen has consisted of regular camping trips, ‘creative’ sleepovers, crazy events and amazing evening activities!

After breakfast the Kenwood Sophomores scaled Mount Kearsarge, while the Kenwood Juniors headed east to climb Mount Major. After their respective hikes, both units met up at a campsite on Pemi River. To cook, play in the pool, sing campfire songs and make S’mores together! It provided a perfect opportunity for campers in different age groups to hang out and socialize. 

Meanwhile the Kenwood Inters had a spontaneous idea for a slightly more ‘creative’ overnight. Because why not move 30 mattresses in the gym and prove to everyone that camp really is one big sleepover! 

Today we also welcomed back Kenwood 2nd years from their 3 day trip to Androscoggin. Where they got a chance to hang out, cook food and canoe down the river.

Juniper (our oldest girl campers) will also arrive back at camp late tonight, returning from a trip to Montreal. We have been informed that a ‘Good time was had by all’.

Back on Eagle Pond the sun was shining and activities were in full flow. Evergreen Freshmen got their hands dirty making slime, the Inters and 2nd year seniors created abstract paintings of camp, whilst the Sophomores and second years enjoyed a giant water balloon fight.

Tonight consisted of an Evergreen Dance party and Kenwood Big Brother / Little Brother relay races. For now, Its lights out, get some rest, and do it all again tomorrow!

Check out our action packed 24 hours for yourself in our photo gallery below.