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Camp Visiting Day

July 23, 2017 @ 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Visiting Day 2017: Sunday, July 23rd 9:30AM ­­ 3:30PM

As always, all visiting must take place in Camp. Our terrific team of chefs will be preparing a truly wonderful lunch for all families. We look forward to sharing some of the new signature salads and entrees that your children have been enjoying this summer, along with freshly grilled foods. While you are free to bring along your own lunch on Visiting Day, I urge you to partake in this wonderful deluxe picnic lunch!

The Visiting Day Schedule

Once our first activity has begun, please join your children at their activity, say hello, and allow them to continue to participate. It is imperative that the first activity runs its full course, as not all parents arrive at the same time. We want to keep all of our children engaged in activity, rather than worried that their parents were not among the first arrivals.

Who can come on Visiting Day?

All family members are welcome! Grandparents are welcome, but may find the terrain difficult. We will have golf­cart service available to help those who most need our assistance. While important members of the family, no pets are allowed, without exception. We have several children who have significant pet allergies and some with dog­related fears, so please respect this important rule.


We work hard all summer to maintain a community of balance and moderation in all things. In past years, the issue of outside food on Visiting Day has often been a challenge at Camp, and while we have asked that families refrain from bringing food into Camp, we found that this request was often forgotten by well­-meaning parents who succumbed to their children’s requests to bring food with them on Visiting Day. This left some parents who complied with our policy feeling like they had let their children down, or that our community really didn’t practice what we teach, at least on Visiting Day.

This year, in an attempt to manage this, we will be allowing a SMALL amount of food to be brought in on Visiting Day. As you have all chosen Kenwood & Evergreen because of our community values, I am asking you to respect those values and be moderate in what you choose to give to your child on Visiting Day. If you are planning to bring food (and you don’t have to!), it must be limited to an amount that can be consumed by your child (and your child alone!) within 24 hoursof your departure. Please do not tempt your children to consume inordinate amounts of food in an attempt to ‘beat the clock’ ­­ we have experience with kids eating so much food that has been brought from home that they became nauseous! As a guideline, we ask that you do not bring more than these kind of amounts: A 6­pack of soda One family size bag of chips One 14oz pack of cookies Anything you bring should fit in a single grocery bag at most, no more! Trips to BJ’s or Costco are not necessary!

Please remember that we are a peanut and tree­nut free campus, and be sure that anything that you bring into camp does not contain these ingredients, even if your child is not allergic.

Please respect these limits for the good of our Camp community.

I’ve never been to Visiting Day before…what should I bring?

Most parents bring a nice big blanket, and maybe a beach chair or two for your comfort. Since we serve a great lunch and you’ll have time set aside to visit with your children, your blanket becomes your base of operations for the day. Bring comfortable shoes or sandals, but be sure to bring sneakers if you’d like to play in any parent/child games during the day. Cameras are fine, as are video cameras. Younger siblings can take a quick swim during the day, so pack a bathing suit and towel for them and for you, as parents must accompany swimming siblings!

What if I need accessible parking?

Camp will be providing specially marked parking at the entrance to Camp for families who require accessible spaces due to restricted physical mobility. To ensure that we have enough for those who need it we ask that you please contact Stephanie Gordon via email at [email protected]­-evergreen.com before Friday July 22nd.


We have always maintained a no tippingpolicy, and it is vital that all parents respect this tradition. Our counselors have no expectation whatsoever of receiving anything from you on Visiting Day and will feel very uncomfortable if you offer a tip. If you feel your child’s counselor is doing a good job (and we hope you all will), a “thank you” and specific positive feedback will mean the world to our staff members.

No Bunk Gifts Please

For many years now, we have been a no bunk gifts Camp. In other camp programs, the practice of bringing gifts for bunk members has proven to be very problematic, fostering an atmosphere of competition among families and excessive giving. We are grateful that this is not a Kenwood & Evergreen tradition! For these reasons, please do not bring bunk gifts to Camp on Visiting Day, even small ones.

Camp Pictures

Camp Pictures will be available for you to purchase from the office. Packages will include individual and unit pictures, with all­ Camp pictures also available. The Camp does not profit from these pictures and you are under no obligation to purchase them, though they are a nice memento of the summer.

Third Year Seniors

Parents of Third Year Seniors, if your child is traveling to Montreal this summer, please bring your child’s original valid passport to Camp on Visiting Day if you have not already sent it . There will be a meeting of parents of all Hut 6 and Juniper campers on Visiting Day after the conclusion of the Senior Play. We will be discussing a variety of important things, including your child’s upcoming “year away” from Camp, the potential to work at Everwood Day Camp next summer, and the process of applying to become a Junior Counselor for 2018.

Alternate Visiting Day

The Sunday following our regular Visiting Day, July 31st, is available as an alternate for parents who are separated or divorced and would be uncomfortable visiting together. Though grandparents are certainly welcome on the regular Visiting Day, July 31st is only an alternate day for parents.

Mickey’s Kids Swim­A­Thon

Our Swim­A­Thon for Mickey’s Kids continues to be a huge success, with campers and staff participating on a weekly basis. Most of your children are looking toward you and other family members as de facto “sponsors” for their swimming efforts by purchasing a tshirt for them or yourselves from our brand new designs! There are only 2 days leftto purchase the latest shirt and have us surprise your camper with it after Visiting Day! We have first “Laps Save Lives” t shirts available for sale at the office for $20, or you can donate directly to the Mickey’s Kids website here.

Old Camp Apparel

In the past, we have been approached by a number of Camp parents, asking if we could help find a new home for their child’s K&E apparel that no longer fits them. We loved this idea, and last summer we placed a receptacle in the Dining Hall to collect any Kenwood & Evergreen apparel that parents wished to give to others. It was a huge success, and we will be collecting any items that you wish to donate again this year. Thanks to our parents who suggested this wonderful idea!


July 23, 2017
9:30 am - 3:00 pm