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Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Today was the second Monday of the summer, and wherever I went everyone seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. Just after breakfast the Kenwood 12’s Soccer left for an all-day tournament with camps from around the state. According to their coach, the boys gave it their all in 4 grueling games, and they were rewarded with a 3rd place win. They sang the entire bus ride home, and were just so happy to have played well together as a team. Congratulations, boys!


Deena and the Evergreen Freshmen & Sophomores spent the day at the Weirs Beach. The kids were a little nervous about the trip when it poured the entire trip there, but as they stepped off of the buses the clouds parted and the sun came out. It ended up being a perfect day to spend on the waterslides! Every single girl and counselor went on the slides, and seemed to enjoy spending a day together in the sun and water. Tomorrow we’ll put up the many pictures that Deena took of this great trip. In the afternoon, almost like magic, just as they boarded the buses to go home, the clouds and torrential rain returned. Everyone was so grateful to have had such a hot, amazing day together.


There was another big adventure in Evergreen today. Our Juniper girls left for their 2-day white water rafting trip in Maine. This is one of our most popular overnights in all of Camp, and sadly one of the last overnight trips that our 3rd Year Seniors will take in their camper careers. Starting tomorrow morning our girls, the counselors and their professional rafting guides will make their way down some pretty exciting rapids, and yet the trip is as much about the group bonding on a camping trip as anything else. With this being their final summer we want to make sure that they have as many moments of togetherness as possible. We can’t wait to hear their stories when they get back on Wednesday!


The plan for tonight’s evening activity in Kenwood was for a number of different outdoor sporting events, including the Home Run Derby and Slam Dunk Contest. Unfortunately, a strong rain after dinner got in the way of these two events. The positive of this inclement weather is that each bunk had some really good time enjoying each other’s company. All over Kenwood counselors led their kids in playing board games, cards, rafter ball, dance parties, guitar jams and more. When I entered the bunks to say goodnight I was greeted with story after enthusiastic story of the hysterically fun things that they had done tonight.


My plan had actually been to play guitar in some of the Evergreen lodges this evening, but Evergreen’s night time activity went a little late, and I didn’t want the girls staying up past their bedtimes. So I’ll try again soon. In the meantime, with the Kenwood boys already in their bunks I ended up being able to visit about half of the bunks in Junior camp. I played some Beatles, some Neil Young, and this beautiful song you might not have heard before by Ben Harper.


Tonight’s evening activity in Evergreen was a rockin’ good time. Our Junior Girls planned an event in the theater called 50’s Night. As a group they crafted invitations that were sent out to the other members of the Evergreen community. They also decorated the theater, picked out the songs, and even made sure that every camper had an assigned dance partner for the night. Each bunk was also asked to come wearing a costume based on a theme. Some wore white t-shirts and jeans while others made poodle skirts in Arts & Crafts. All over campus you could hear the thumping of the music, and the laughter of our girls as they danced the night away.


Up on Senior Hill Scott decided to surprise the boys and showed up with a car trunk filled with excellent meats. As a group they fired up the grills, cranked up the tunes, and had a party of their own. Afterwards, he went from hut to hut, happy to have some time with each group of our oldest boys. They laughed, shared stories, and just enjoyed being together.


Yet again, another day where we really enjoyed the togetherness of our community.