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Dr. Michael Thompson’s “8 Things Parents Cannot Do For Their Children (But Wish They Could)”

Dr. Michael ThompsonBeside being our summer camp’s consulting child psychologist, Dr. Michael Thompson is also a world-renowned parenting and child development expert. In recent days I’ve been watching some of the speeches he has given around the world in the past few years, and one really grabbed my attention. It’s called “8 Things Parents Cannot Do For Their Children (But Wish They Could)”.

In a review of Dr. Thompson’s book “The Pressured Child” author Jaime Beck provides a superb, succinct summary of his message: calm down and permit your kids to have their own journey

This particular video is a little long – just over 44 minutes – but really well worth the time for any parent asking him or herself questions like “how do I give my child self-esteem” and “how do I help my kid feel great about himself?” Dr. Thompson provides parents a framework for understanding the developmental importance of letting your child experience social adversity, emotional discomfort, or even academic or sports failure.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Thompson is a huge advocate of overnight camp, as he knows it can be a nurturing, emotionally safe place where failure and social challenges still take place every day. Camps are where children both learn from their mistakes…and learn how to be resilient in this midst of their awkward moments and faux pas. 

Oh, and the #1 thing that Michael says that parents aren’t actually able to do for their children that they wish they could: make them permanently happy. Check this video out. It’s a very thought provoking parenting resource, and well worth your time.

Our brother-sister summer camp in New Hampshire is dedicated to providing children with the most developmentally impactful experience possible. To this end, we partner with our camp parents to provide them year round with the latest information on helping children grow to be their best selves. If you would like to visit our Parenting Resource page please click on the link below. 

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