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Do Siblings Need to Go to Overnight Camp Together? A magazine asked us

Finding the right sleepaway camp for your family is no easy feat, especially if you are unsure of whether or not all of the children in your home should attend the same camp!

Different overnight camps create different outcomes. Some focus on specific sports, arts, outdoor or aquatic skills, while others offer more generalized programs that seek to foster long-lasting friendships, independence, and resilience. Some sleepaway camps are a great fit for all of the boys and/or girls in a household, while others are a perfect match for some and leave others wanting something else. As a parent, going into your camp search with a strong sense of what your priorieties are is crucial. Finding a camp leadership team that you can trust to help you sort out and advocate for your family’s needs may be the key to many summers of happy campers! 

We were thrilled to be asked by New York Family Magazine for our thoughts on whether or not siblings need to go to overnight camp together. At Camps Kenwood and Evergreen for Boys and Girls we want to be a resource for any parent searching for the best overnight camp experience for their child or children, whether they become a permanent part of our community or discover a better match elsewhere. 

We hope you enjoy this article below which features an interview with one of our directors. Below is also a link to the summer tour checklist we provide families who visit us during the camp season, and who are interested in getting the most out of camp tours!

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