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Day 3 of Color War

day 3 of color warToday was day 3 of Color War, and it was yet another beautiful day. Once again we basked in the lovely, mild New Hampshire August weather. On the walk up to breakfast everyone seemed to have a big smile on their faces after a great night of sleep. As has been the case all summer there just seemed to be a lovely energy as we all gathered for our morning assembly.


Here is a schedule of the many fun, exciting sports that took place in our two Color Wars (called Maroon & Grey for Kenwood and Green & Gold for Evergreen).


    Maroon & Grey Day #3
day 3 of color war 
Green & Gold Day #3
day 3 of color war 
day 3 of color war 


I spent most of my day walking around campus watching these great games. Using my little digital camera I was able to film some of the great playing that I saw, along with some of the fun and funny moments. Enjoy!



Last night Sheila decided to try and photograph Camp from a whole new perspective: in the dark! These two that she took real capture the beauty and tranquility of Kenwood & Evergreen at night. Tonight is the annual Perseid meteor shower, and she is hoping to be able to capture some of the excitement of this event as it travels over our beautiful campus. I’ll keep you posted.   


day 3 of color war 

day 3 of color war 
We also have a Kenwood camper who broke his arm during the first half of the summer. Because of his injury he’s been unable to play most of our Color War sports. He’s extremely creative, and a good talker, so we gave him a video camera and let him film the events of this week. He’s also been conducting interviews with his peers and editing the footage to create some pretty interesting documentaries. Here is his first one!