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CrossFit Kids at Camp

We are actively investigating adding a new activity to Camp for this coming summer: CrossFit Kids!

About CrossFit & CrossFit Kids

For those of you that have yet to come across the latest fitness phenomena, CrossFit is defined as ‘constantly varied, high-intensity functional fitness’, but more importantly its a FUN, cool way to exercise and stay healthy.



CrossFit Kids is a program designed to help kids and teenagers develop a lifelong passion for exercise. CrossFit and CrossFit Kids are built on a philosophy of being ‘fit for life’. It incorporates a constant variation of functional movements that kids need to play: pulling, pushing, running, throwing, climbing, lifting and jumping! A CrossFit Kids workout can including anything and everything from bodyweight movements (pull ups, push ups etc) to gymnastics movements (handstands, backwards rolls) to Olympic weightlifting (clean and jerks, snatches) to something as random as flipping a tractor tire. But the coolest thing about CrossFit is that all of the movements can be scaled to any age or level of fitness and are instructed safely by qualified CrossFit Kids Trainers.



CrossFit K&E Community

Much like Kenwood & Evergreen, CrossFit is built on a foundation of community values. From the outset CrossFit was designed to be a community of people supporting, helping and encouraging each other to achieve their fitness goals regardless of their ability level. Working out as a group creates a shared experience that brings people together. “CrossFitter’s” not only take pride in their own progression but there’s an invested interest in the progression of others and an excitement to see others achieve. With the community already present at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen its inevitable that CrossFit K&E is going to be a place where healthy risks are taken, personal goals are achieved and success is celebrated by all.



CrossFit Builds Confidence

One of the more obvious benefits of exercising can be weight management leading to an increase in confidence. But CrossFit goes way beyond that. Through the scaling of movements Kids can progress to accomplish workouts and acquire new skills they once thought would never be possible. Whether it’s completing a benchmark workout at the recommended weight or getting your first unassisted pull up the feelings of accomplishment leaves everyone’s confidence high and wanting more. But often what is more developmentally beneficial are the moments when the kids aren’t so successful. Within CrossFit there are a vast number of opportunities for kids to take healthy risks within a supportive environment and to fail. Whether it’s missing an Olympic lift or a double under (jump rope where the rope makes two passes per jump) there’s going to come a time in every child’s CrossFit experience (and life) where initially they can’t complete the movement at the first attempt. Having the confidence to try and fail but have the perseverance to keep practicing and then have the confidence to try again is a vital lesson to learn.  



Skills For Life

But CrossFit isn’t only about becoming healthier and gaining confidence. It fits hand in hand with Kenwood & Evergreen’s focus on 21st Century and Life Skills. With intentional coaching CrossFit Kids can be a means for teaching and allowing our kids to develop 21st Century Skills. As mentioned earlier the challenge of completing physically demanding workouts requires our kids to be resilient and have the grit (mental strength) to work through to the end. And although primarily an individual sport many partner & team workouts are prescribed, where a team is set a workload to complete between themselves however they decide. This requires collaboration as kids identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and divide up with workload appropriately.

And these same types of workouts are often where teams are required to problem solve and be creative. The team may be challenged to work together to move or carry an awkward object such as a tire. They must collaborate to problem solve creative ways in which to do this as a team. And when more often than not the solution doesn’t work they are required to adapt and try something new.


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