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Cool New Changes At Camp

cool new changes at camp

There are many cool, exciting changes in the works at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen! In the Office Luke is working hard on developing a new CrossFit kids program. For those not familiar with it, CrossFit Kids is a program designed to help kids and teenagers develop a lifelong passion for exercise. CrossFit and CrossFit Kids are built on a philosophy of being ‘fit for life’. It incorporates a constant variation of functional movements that kids need to play: pulling, pushing, running, throwing, climbing, lifting and jumping! A CrossFit Kids workout can include anything and everything from bodyweight movements (pull ups, push ups etc) to gymnastics movements (handstands, backwards rolls) to Olympic weightlifting (clean and jerks, snatches) to something as random as flipping a tractor tire. But the coolest thing about CrossFit is that all of the movements can be scaled to any age or level of fitness and are instructed safely by qualified CrossFit Kids Trainers. To learn more about CrossFit we invite you to watch this video.

In 2013 we added Cooking as a program for the first time. After an incredibly successful maiden voyage David is now looking to reconfigure the Cooking Studio so that we can increase the number of campers who can participate during each activity period. Based on the feedback from our campers, part of what made our new Cooking activity so successful was the experimental nature of the program. Campers not only learned Chef Rachel’s awesome recipes but also had the opportunity to tweak or expand upon them.

cool new changes at camp

Our goal is always for our campers to take what they learn at Camp home with them. To that end, every Friday this fall and winter we will be posting one of Chef Rachel’s recipes (this was another great idea from Luke!). Campers who try making a recipe at home and send us a photo of their creations will be sent a very cool, fun, Camps Kenwood & Evergreen prize! Click here to see our most recent recipe posting.

Another cool change at Camp involves our athletic program. In the spring we expanded our campus by almost 30 additional acres of land. Since the summer ended our maintenance team has been converting our new property into a state-of-the-art, regulation size soccer field. On Monday some of the Camp administration traveled up to NH to get a first glimpse of how this first new field was looking. As you can see it looks simply breathtaking. We could not be more excited!

cool new changes at camp

This was no small undertaking. After moving truckloads of earth and creating the optimal balance of soil and sand, and installing a massive automatic sprinkler system, our crew then used a laser-guided machine to grade the surface to be just right. Then over the weekend they carefully put down pallet after pallet of beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass sod. Yesterday afternoon we all stood with our arms around each other and marveled at how beautiful it looked. We can’t wait for you to see it in June!

Camp is 8 months away, but with so many cool changes in the works it feels like it will be here any minute. We will be posting more pictures of the fields on both the blog and our facebook page in the coming weeks, so don’t forget to check back. And if you have a moment please let us know what you think of these exciting changes!

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