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Cookie making lessons from our Camp Friend and Super Baker Kristie Archer

One of the best things about Camp Friends is how they are so often willing to go the extra mile in helping out. Longtime Kenwood and Evergreen counselors Josh and Sean were interested in becoming serious bakers. Not having much experience in this department they reached out to Kristie Archer, our overnight camp’s expert at all things flour and dough. For many years now she has been delighting our summer camp community each day with from-scratch delectable cookies, cakes, muffins, pies, and more (and always peanut and tree nut free). 


Learn more about the amazing meals at our overnight camp

Having the day off and always eager to lend a helping hand, she drove down from her home in New Hampshire to help out at Josh and Sean’s home in Sharon, MA. When I arrived she was in full teacher mode, walking them through the science of exact ingredient measurements, and how to properly follow the directions to make some very complicated treats. 


Though they now live full time in the United States (and work year round in the Camp Office), Josh and Sean are originally from the United Kingdom. Being the expert baker that she is, Kristie knew that many of the desserts they were interested in creating had the same names, both were actually made with different ingredients in the two countries. So she lugged down with her a library of cookbooks from each culture, so that they could truly make exactly what they had in mind. 


Under her watchful eye they sifted, stirred and learned to properly spatula throughout the day, and eventually created some beautiful, absolutely delicious baked treats that filled the Camp Office with some enchanting smells. Don’t their creations look incredible?


What an incredibly kind gesture from Kristie to drive all that way, and how wonderful that she’s willing to share her baking expertise with her Camp friends. And what a great reminder of how at Kenwood and Evergreen our Camp friends truly make our lives sweeter!

If you would like to try your hand at some of the desserts Kristie taught Josh and Sean please click on the link below. 

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