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Celebrating the Holidays in July as part of Anything Can Happen Thursdays!

Tonight was the fourth Anything Can Happen Thursday of the summer, and we decided to go all out with this meal. Our Chef team spent all week learning new recipes while Diego and the Support Staff came up with fun new ways to decorate the dining hall. 


#anythingcanhappenthursdays - 1 (7)At evening assembly I announced the theme: Hanukkah and Christmas in July. The whole Camp cheered at the concept, and then I read off the menu. “Brisket like your Nana makes…roasted vegetables…potato latkes with apple sauce and sour cream…and for the first time in Camp Kenwood & Evergreen history…KUGEL!” When I said the last word there was a pause as the crowd processed what I said. Then, suddenly, a thunderous roar washed over the Assembly Area as kids and staff began dancing and hugging each other. To this right was the reaction of one boy from Rhode Island. 


When they walked into the dining hall they saw red and green garlands, Christmas lights, and other holiday decorations. On each table was a special drink that Chef Charles’ grandmother taught him to make that includes fruit punch and melted rainbow sherbet. As they sampled it hordes of kids rushed to tell me “this is the greatest drink ever!” 


We even had a playlist of classic Christmas and Hanukkah songs on the PA system. When Maria Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” came on it seemed like every counselor and camper sang a long at the top of their lungs, and most began dancing in the aisles.

#anythingcanhappenthursdays - 1 (4)

Chef Charles was a bit shocked at how fast every morsel of kugel was consumed

The brisket was tender and flavorful, and the kugel melted in your mouth. Our friends who eat gluten and dairy free had their own feast of turkey and roast beef, along with corn bread, latkes and roasted vegetables. Always eager to take things to the next level, Kristie and Enid in the bakery made sugar cookies shaped like dreidels, menorahs, Stars of David, wreaths and snowflake, along with gingerbread men fully decorated in K&E colors.

#anythingcanhappenthursdays - 1 (1)

And yet as good as this meal was, and as fun a time as we had, this wasn’t even close to the best thing that happened in our community today. Seconds after reveille our Evergreen Tri-State Softball players ran in a formation around campus, singing songs of solidarity as people from both camps came out of their bunks to cheer in support. 


This is a tournament that many of our girls have been practicing to be a part of since they were 8 or 9 years old. And because we had so many interested players we ended up having not one but two different teams. Both were excited for today’s tournament, and both came ready to play.


It was a huge tournament with 6 teams from around the State of New Hampshire. Our girls in green won their first two games handily, and then beat the third team in one to advance to the finals. Our team in yellow also did very well, winning throughout the day…and also making it to the finals. In the end it was Evergreen vs Evergreen, and the bats simply connected better for our girls in the darker uniforms. We are so proud of everyone who played today and are thrilled to see the 2018 Girls’ Tri-State Softball trophy once again go to Camp Evergreen! 

#anythingcanhappenthursdays - 1 (9)

True to the name, #AnythingCanHappenThursdays are really starting to become quite a weekly tradition at our overnight camp!

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