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Celebrating a wonderful summer camp visiting day

Dear Parents,

It is quiet across our campus. Our younger groups have just finished watching a movie, and are back in their bunks, reflecting on this glorious day. It was a day of reconnection with your children, and the chance to see them in the world that they have created together with their counselors here at Camp. It is a world of possibility and unlimited potential, energized with the love that emanates from their relationships with friends and mentors, and from all of you at home. There is something about Camp that empowers your children to push beyond their comfort zone, and to learn and grow together. I hope that you got a glimpse of that today…this place of growth and love that we call “Camp”.

I had the chance to speak with so many of you today, and I am still absorbing so much of what I heard. I spoke with the parents of many first-time campers, all of whom are thriving and spreading their wings each day. I reflected, and shared tears with some of our long-time parents, who have come to love this community as much as their children. We have watched their children soar over these many summers, and I stand in awe of the many ways in which these spectacular young men and women have blossomed. My heart is full of the joy that you shared today, and I am humbled by the privilege of having been your partners in your children’s growth and development.

We also said goodbye today to a handful of our four-week campers, and look forward to their return next summer as they join their friends again and extend their stay. Our newest campers from Beijing will be missed too. It has been amazing to witness the sharing of cultures between our American and Chinese campers, and to so clearly see the foundations of life-long friendships that have been built between them. Good-byes are often sad, even tearful, as they were today…but those tears are a tribute to the ties that bind us together, and to the love that has grown between us.

summer camp visiting day

The few tears that some of you saw as you said good-bye to your kids today have long since dried. As you children drift off to sleep tonight, in the company of their counselors, they will dream of the days to come and all that Camp has in store for them for these last weeks. There is more fun to be had, more growing to do, more adventures awaiting all of your children. These last three weeks will pass in the blink of an eye, and soon enough we will be saying good-bye again. But for now, let’s bask in the glow of this beautiful summer camp visiting day that we shared together, and relish the days to come.

summer camp visiting day

With love from Eagle Pond,

summer camp visiting day


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