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A beautiful display of Evergreen sisterhood

As camp directors we get to see so many acts of friendship and kindness each summer. Because most of our campers return year after year, we regularly have the opportunity to see how they grow, evolve, and enrich the lives of our community members during those *other* ten months of the year at events like our […]

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An exciting announcement about Scott and the American Camp Association

We’ve got some exciting news to share! Camps Kenwood & Evergreen’s Owner/Director Scott Brody was just elected to serve as the Chairman of the Board of the American Camp Association! This is a major honor for Scott, and an opportunity for him to help all of our children to thrive and succeed in a rapidly changing world […]

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Our 18th Annual Senior Camper Winter Weekend Has Begun!

It’s the start of our 18th annual, totally amazing Senior Camper Winter Weekend at our summer camp In NH! At 11am this morning the journey began, and it always feels to me like a trip on the Hogwarts express (minus the owls and chocolate frogs, of course). About 40 Kenwood and Evergreen campers and counselors […]

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Our summer camp’s fall and winter traditions begin!

As an overnight camp we have many, many traditions. Some take place during the summer, like our ceremonial campfires, fabulous music festival, and Color War. Others take place during the 10 months out of the year when we are all away from our favorite place. One of those traditions is the annual “”Where Your Camp Shirt”, in which […]

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