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Camps KandE Welcome Remix – Summer Camp Doing Silly Things

We have a tremendous amount of fun each summer at Kenwood & Evergreen. Every day our campers participate in ceramics, musical theater, photography, rustic furniture building, movie camps kenwood making, rock bands, dance, and all of the interesting things one can create in traditional summer camp arts & crafts. And yet there seem to be so many other fun and creative outlets at Kenwood & Evergreen. A big part of this stems from our counselors, who are always looking for novel and exciting ways to help our campers express themselves. For the past few years our head of Film Making Gabe Frieshas rewritten some of our classic Camp songs or cheers and turned them into full musical compositions. One was a calypso-style tune and another was a kind of Ska-pop song with a full horn section and back up singers. This year he and his friends embarked on their most ambitious project yet: they “remixed” a song that we use to welcome new members of the community into a great tune and created a hysterical music video to go with it. As you will see, this silly video amazingly involved every single member of the Camps Kenwood & Evergreen Summer 2012 community!


So take a look at this video and let us know what you think of it either in our blog comment section or on our facebok wall. We’d love to know your thoughts about the song, about the job that our counselors did, and about the general creativity of our community (we’d especially love to hear from people with ideas for projects we could work on this summer). And stay tuned. Gabe made many other funny and silly videos like this during the summer, and we will be premiering them over the next couple of weeks. He also made a few about our Camp that were beautiful, poignant or serious, and we can’t wait to show them to you as well!

And as you wait for the premier of our other videos, please take a look at the rest of the official Camps Kenwood & Evergreen Youtube channel. Take a look at how creative and funny and thoughtful and silly and passionate the members of our community are. We have almost 200 different videos, and most of them were made by our campers and staff. Let us know if you find a favorite as you browse through our channel.

Lastly, let’s make sure to give an Iggy The Bongo for all-around creative guy Gabe Fries and his counselor friends who made this whole endeavor work! Great work!