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Camp Spirit and Color War

This is a community that creates quite a bit of camp spirit. Not surprisingly, we tend to see even more than normal during our annual Color War special events. And while there’s a lot to write about today in terms of how I saw our kids and counselors show their camp spirit today, no one even comes close to the two people in the picture below standing with Scott and me.

camp spirit

Allow me to introduce you to Meryl Levenson-Weiss and Jay Weiss. They were campers here in the 1950’s. As Meryl proudly announced when she arrived (to an astonished group of campers) “I was Phyllis’ counselor!” Meryl and Jay decided to visit us this morning and we were just so pleased that they did. They shared some great camp stories, and Scott and I had a blast touring them around the campus. 

As we were walking Jay shared a story that hit close to home for me. He said “so Meryl and I met here when I was 10 and she was 9”. They’ve been together ever since. There really is nothing like the relationships that you form at summer camp. Thanks for visiting and please come back soon!

camp spirit

Throughout the day spirits were very high. Counselors were finding new ways to decorate their faces and bodies to help boost their teams just a little bit more. Our Evergreen judges were proudly sporting their new uniform t-shirts.

camp spirit

Occasionally campers come to Camp with broken bones, or find themselves injured mid-summer. Either way, our fabulous Athletic Directors always want to make sure that every camper in our community is included in Color War, so they have created this hysterical tradition called “The Broken Wing Challenge”. 

color war

After dinner Jacki and Bob hosted our four senior campers with injuries, and about 150 of their closest friends and counselors, in the theater tent. They competed in Baggo and in a super-charged cake decorating competition. It was all silly good fun, and the smiles on their two faces made everyone feel good! I love that ours is the sort of summer camp community where our athletic directors are this dedicated to helping every camper have a special moment!

color war

And then just like that, it was the end of Green and Gold. With all of the games completed our two teams spent the evening practicing the four songs that they would sing at tonight’s final event called Song and Cheer. I was fortunate to have some time to watch both teams in their final practices. They both sounded confident and excited for tonight’s big event.

When Capture the Flag finished our junior camp boys headed back to their bunks to get some sleep, while our senior boys took part in one of our camps’ truly unique Color War events: Debate (Our girls had their debate last night). Every year our camps’ debate are a chance for some of our most cerebral young men and women to step off of the ball fields and show their intellectual might. For days the speakers on each team conduct their own research, work with their team to generate lines of reasoning and counter arguments, and polish their public speaking skills. It’s yet another special event that helps our campers work on their critical thinking, group collaboration and effective communication skills. These are, of course, all part of the 21st century skills that we teach here at our overnight camp in NH.

color war

As the Kenwood Debate was starting the Green and Gold teams marched into the theater for their Song and Cheer. The word from everyone who watched it was that both teams sang incredibly well. Alas, in our color war one team must win and one must lose. Though they walked into Song and Cheer many points behind tonight Green came out victorious. We are proud of everyone involved in this year’s Green and Gold, especially our wonderful head coaches Logan Mitchell and Elise Carter. Thank you to you both for running a fun, exciting, amazing special event for our girls!

color war

After the scores were announced the Evergreen Leadership Team brought our senior girls into the dining hall for a little celebration. Ever one to show his Camp spirit, our cooking specialist Salvador Marin put out a spread that included sculptures and animals that he carved out of melons and other fresh fruit!

We are now well into the final week of the summer of 2015. Evergreen’s Color War has ended, and tomorrow Kenwood’s will as well. Starting Wednesday we will begin our community’s many rituals for processing all of the friendships and memories we have made this summer, and for saying goodbye until next June. Already you can see the sadness in people’s faces as they realize that the end of this glorious summer is soon coming to a close.

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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7-week brother-sister summer camp in NH. We teach 21st century skills like leadership, resilience, collaboration, critical thinking and effective communication to children who will be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.