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Our overnight camp is about making lifelong friendships

What’s more important during childhood than making lifelong friendships? In our opinion, nothing. Developing a close-knit group gives you a sense of belonging and security that is vital for proper social and emotional development. Frankly, it’s of paramount importance in adulthood, too. Making lasting, meaningful friendships is what our overnight camp community is all about, and it still never ceases to amaze me how powerful these relationships are. 


Take Matt and Beano. They were campers together, and then co-counselors about 10 years ago. A few nights ago Beano took in a show that Matt’s amazing rock band The Shadowboxers played and then they hung out together afterwards. It’s great to see that these two goofballs are still staying connected and having so much fun together. 

Over the past week I’ve also seen how our counselors that met here as young adults love being together. Just this weekend Ryan, Caleb and Cass took this goofy picture of them hanging out in Vermont. In or out of Camp, friendships like these bring joy and meaning to the lives of our campers, counselors and alumni.

We’ve had a bunch of graduations, weddings and bat mitzvahs in our community, and at each one there were tons of camp friends in attendance. Jaime and Marly were in attendance to celebrate former camper Samantha’s wedding, and Michael, Sam and Chucky were together for Michael’s graduation. Abby, Rachel, Amy were so happy to join Rachel for her big bat mitzvah day in Boston. And yet again, Dean, Tom and Paul were together for another amazing charity athletic event in the UK. Like so many friendships in this community, while these three are from the same country, they would not have met had they not worked here at our overnight camp in NH, and now they are friends forever!


Which leads me to these two goofy ladies in the photo beloq. Amy is from the UK and Brittani is from New Hampshire. They met last year while working on the Evergreen waterfront, and it literally took a couple of days for them to become BFF’s. All winter long their Facebook newsfeeds were filled with messages of longing for each other, and photos from their impromtu reunion in mid-winter.

Their friendship really sums up what I love about our summer camp. Regardless of your age, when you join this community you immediately feel like you belong, and you forge meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. 


So I’ve wanted to write a blog about Amy and Brittani for some time now. I just find the friendship that they have developed inspiring. On Saturday, as my family and I were driving up to NH for the summer, I was thinking about exactly how I would write about them. Driving along I-93 crafting this article in my head, I had the window rolled down. Suddenly, I heard someone yelling “JASON! JASON!” I looked to my left and it was the two of them. Amy had just arrived in the United States, and her buddy Brittani had driven to Logan Airport to pick her up, so that they would not waste one minute of their precession time together.

Now THAT’S true friendship.

Learn why Kenwood and Evergreen friendships last a lifetime Camps Kenwood and Evergreen are brother-sister summer camps in Wilmot, NH. Each summer we teach our campers crucial life skills like independence, resilience, and innovation, while they are playing sports and making incredible art projects.