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Camp friendships started at Kenwood and Evergreen are forever!

Camp friendships: it’s one of our favorite topics. Our brother-sister community is, at its core, about bringing friendly young people together to develop friendships that will last a lifetime. In Tuesday’s blog I posted the dozens of recent photos sent to us by current campers and counselors from their time spent hanging out together. Today we are excited to share photos from some of our alumni who even years or decades after spending summers together at our overnight camp are still making time to be with their camp friends. 

Like Spider and Stephen, who met at K&E more than 10 years ago and recently met up for a camping trip. Or Alli, Katie, and Alyssa, campers and counselors together in the 80’s and 90’s, who met up this fall for dinner. Jenna was over in the UK and hung out with Essex and Phil, and clearly were having a goofy good time together.

While out on tour with his band The Shadowboxers Matt had a reunion with his former campers Sam, Isaiah Jake, Ben and Eli. Matt and Adams, camp friends since they late 70’s, are still getting together and clowning around. In from California over Thanksgiving, the Steck-White, Drour-Brockman and Tuck-Wirtz families had a fun post-Turkey Day breakfast all together.

Learn why Kenwood and Evergreen friendships last a lifetime


Eric, Michael, Ben and Ally got together for an early 00’s counselor gathering, as did Matt and Laura. Ian and Michael, co-counselors in the mid-80s, posted a great photo of them over the holiday weekend. Ally and Eric took in a football game while vacationing on the West Coast, and Deena and her former campers in the Boston area had their monthly dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Sippy and Zylbie, goofballs as always, shared a funny milkshake moment. 


Helen, Amanda, and Katie were in the UK to celebrate at Sarah’s baby shower, and a whole group of lads had a camp reunion in England, including Sean, Jordan, Lanni, Jordan, Ann Delia Sharkey, Josh and Eddie. Lauren, Hillary and Bob enjoyed the warm late summer weather together, while Catherine and an enormous crew of Camp friends celebrated her 5 years of health just after the summer ended. Last but not least, Deena and I were thrilled to hang out with Debbie and Jaime at a brain research conference last month. 

The friendships campers and counselors make during their time at our summer camp in NH seem to last forever, and thank goodness they do. They enrich our lives and remind us almost daily of the special times we have spent together at this magical summer home of ours. 

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