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Camp Friends Really Are Forever At Our Overnight Camp in NH

We talk a lot about Camp Friends. How they love you unconditionally, how they know you on such a deep, profound level, and how the friendships forged at our overnight camp in NH seem to last forever. This photo below would be a classic example of how powerful and long lasting Kenwood and Evergreen friendships are. 



Three of these four women grew up at K&E, starting when they were very little girls. Towards the end of high school they became counselors, which was around the time that Emily, second from the right, flew from Australia to work on our ropes course. She ended up staying for many summers, ultimately becoming a fabulous unit leader for our youngest girls’ age group. And during their years together on staff they grew extremely close. 

Eventually, Emily moved back to Australia, then Dubai, then France, and then back to Australia (often spending her summers in my house so that her children could attend Everwood, our sister day camp in Massachusetts). Lauren, Jenna and Lauren moved around the globe as well, eventually returning to the NY area.

This past weekend Emily was in town to support her husband as he ran the NYC Marathon, and decided to visit her old camp friend Jenna at Shuka, a wonderful restaurant where she is a chef. The two Laurens joined them for a fabulous mini-Camp Reunion, and as you can see, almost 15 years after their final summer together, it was just like old times. 

Their posts on Facebook brought out cheers and celebrations from Kenwood and Evergreen alumni currently living on three continents. 

IMG_2485.jpgThen just a few hours after the photos from our Evergreen Camp reunion went up we saw another one go up on Facebook, this time involving former Kenwood campers and counselors. The three guys on the right were all longtime campers who became counselors. Eric (on the far left) joined our Camp family as a counselor, and both he and Matt (with the red pocket square) were the two younger guy’s bunk counselors. 

This reunion was the result of Matt’s band The Shadowboxers playing a gig in the Boston area. For the last few years Matt’s band has been touring the country opening for acts like The Indigo Girls, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and Justin Timberlake. These guys came out to hear some amazing music and support their longtime Camp friend. So great to see you all hanging out so many years after becoming K&E Alumni!

If you are on Spotify check out the Shadowboxer’s new single “Hot Damn!“. It was produced by Justin Timberlake and it’s pretty fantastic. 

This is what our community is like. Warm, welcoming, fun and friendly, and excited for you to join our extended family, whether you are 8, 18 or older. 

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