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Camp friends make life more fun

It never ceased to amaze me how incredible the camp friendships are in our 7-week summer camp community. Week after my, my email inbox fills with images of our campers, counselors, camp parents, and alumni having so much fun together all year long. Even years after graduating as a camper, or a final summer on staff, people in our camp family remain in contact all throughout their lives. And with friends from our overnight camp scattered all over the globe I find it amazing the lengths that people will go to spending time with their camp friends. Camp friends really do make life more fun!

Kenwood Counselor Andrew Fisher was home after graduating from college and spent some time with camper Oliver. The Gutkins and the Aptmans spent a day in NYC bike riding to raise money for charity, while Jason visited his camp buddy in NY, and clearly it was all about the candy. Sage made a trip from the Boston area to see her fellow Inter Amy, while Lauren, Izzy, Julia and Hannah (all members of Evergreen’s Juniper 2012) hung out together just last weekend. Last Sunday as we were pulling into a diner parking lot in Larchmont a very happy girl with only one shoe on jumped out of her car yelling “Jason and Deena!” It was Julia and we were SO excited to see her! Veronica visited from Spain and made sure to see Carly and Sophie, and clearly a good time was had by all. Last weekend, Marly and Amy were together at a cousin’s bat mitzvah and sent us this photo. Thanks to all of you for sharing this with us!


In our travels Deena and I have run into Kenwood and Evergreen camp friends from all different eras. At a charity basketball game in Sharon, MA the other night we had a chance to hang out with former campers Jules and Dani, and also longtime Evergreen camper/counselor/unit leader/head counselor (and now Everwood Day Camp Director) Jaime Pickles. That night in the parking lot we also bumped into Evergreen senior Abby, and my former Kenwood counselor Keith Garte. Great seeing you all! camp-friends-23

And then there are all of the photos alumni have sent in from their gatherings with camp friends. Former counselors Dean, Tom and Paul paused in their robes at a spa while on a vacation together, and the Obus and Sokolow families celebrated former camper/counselor Becky’s graduation from college. Last night, after a new camper event in Needham, MA, I was thrilled to see the Coyle family (including Evergreen Alumna Liz) on their way to a school event. Cousins Shea Licata and Logan Mitchell look like they had a fun night hanging out, as did Jack and Max when they got a surprise visit from former K&E camper/counselor Nate Mittleman (who is also their cousin). At the grocery store in Franklin, MA I turned around to see the friendly face of Marly Brown, and Gymnastics Coach Julie Loosigian made a trip to the UK and visited friends Tom Eccles, Rosie Klein and Harriet Fluck. Great seeing all of these fantastic Camp gatherings!  


Lastly, as we approach the start of the summer of 2015 we wanted to remind our campers and staff that this year’s “Where Your Camp Shirt” contest is almost at an end. Currently, it appears that Kenwood camper Oliver is in the lead, having worn and been photographed in his camp shirt in Tanzania. Way to beat Walshy and me, who wore our shirts on the Great Wall of China (it appears that you traveled about 600 miles more than we did from Camp). Acka-lacka-ching, Oliver! Has anyone else gone farther this year? If so, you have 35 days to get us a picture to win!!


Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7-week brother-sister overnight camp in Wilmot, NH. Each summer we help campers make some of the most important friendships of their lives. 

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