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Camp friends just make life better (and seem to last forever!)

I got back from vacation to find my email inbox FILLED with photos of our K&E camp friends hanging out with each other all over the world this week. Lowell hung out with Ben, Nate, Elliot, Jake, Posner, Nathaniel, Russell, Maddy and Reid, while former counselors Eddie, Mark, Luke and Amanda had a mini-reunion in the UK. On trips to Florida Brenna, Abby, and Lexi hung out with Mia and Daniella, and Ari, Carly, Rebecca, Mia and Oliver did too! 

Learn why Kenwood and Evergreen friendships last a lifetime

Josh and Drew were delegates at a BBYO Jewish Team Leadership conference, and were thrilled when the surprise musical guest was TimeFlies (fronted by lead singer and alum of our brother-sister summer camp Cal Shapiro). Juniper 2013 had a mini reunion when Marly, Jesse and Maya got together, too!  


My family spent part of the week in Orlando, and we were lucky enough to hang out with TWO sets of camp friends. While getting breakfast on Tuesday we saw Taylor and her parents, and on Wednesday we spent time at Universal Studios with the Baxters. A great time was certainly had by all! Sage was also in Florida, and had a chance to visit with her friends Avery and Frankie. 


Brooke took a quick trip down to NY and was surprised that her mom had set up time for her to hang out with her Evergreen Big Sister (and now counselor) Marly. Amy also got a surprise on her FLA trip when she turned around counselor Julia was suddenly standing behind her! Thanks both camp moms for setting up these great Evergreen meet ups. 

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Cousins Izzy, Molly and Murray showed their incredible camp spirit by participating in the “Where Your Camp Shirt” contest in Costa Rica. 2500 miles from Camp in your Evergreen shirts. Nice work girls! 

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Even cooler, as they were on their way home the girls bumped into a gentlemen named Sandy Bilsky who was a Kenwood camper from 1946-1956. He saw the girls’ shirts and asked “is this the same Camp Evergreen that is sisters with Camp Kenwood in NH?” You bet it is! Another example of how being a part of our camp family comes with a lifetime membership! 


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is just something about the camp friends that you meet at our little brother-sister summer camp in NH. No matter what the situation they always make life better!