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Camp Friends Are Forever

This has been quite a month for people sending us photos of their great times with their camp friends. I’m not even sure where to begin…

Caroline, Abigail and Maddy hung out with each other at a sports event, while Amanda and Lily had some fun goofing around while spending the day together in NYC. Jess was down in Florida on vacation and spent some quality time with her buddies Avery and Frankie. At a mountain ski lodge Evan bumped into Evergreen friend Bryn, and Camp Big Sister Abby was thrilled to spend the afternoon with her Evergreen Little Sister Abby. 


Part of what we love about our Camp community is how the friendships span the years, generations, and even geography. Lauren and Ari have graduated from being campers, and yet they are still BFF’s and taking vacations together. Bunk 1 counselor Alex was at a debate tournament and bumped into Kenwood Senior Camper Jacob! Syd and Amy became sisters the moment that they met at Camp…and now their moms are inseparable, too! Bella and Brooke started at camp different summers and live in different parts of the country, but neither is a barrier to them wanting to get together whenever they can. K&E Tennis counselor Fernando may live in Brazil, but when he was in the United States he made sure to hang out with longtime Lacrosse specialist and all-around great guy Travis B. And when Bea and Veronica were in NYC their Juniper girls from Boston and NJ made sure to come see them (way to rally, Rachel, Julia, Abby and Sophie!). Two weeks ago, Walshy, Scott and I were lucky enough to have brunch with many of last summer’s campers who live in Beijing. We got to see Alvin, Alison, Annie, Tingting and many of their parents. A GREAT time was had by all!


But let’s not forget about all of our alumni who stay connected with their Camp friends throughout their lives. Former camper and counselor Emma Fialkov had a whole bunch of her Evergreen girls at her wedding shower, including Danni Furman and Shawn Sendar. When Scott and I were in Washington, DC we were fortunate to have dinner with Kenwood alumnus Josh Schank. Josh and I were campers and counselors together, and after almost 20 years of not seeing each other it was great to catch up and meet his wonderful wife and sons! We also saw on Facebook a fantastic gathering of 90’s alumni Jenna Sprafkin, Jess Toochin, Lauren Kanfi and Tessa Hite. We love that you guys are still hanging out together!! We also loved seeing this photo of Jess Pritikin with her Juniper Counselor Nikki Pressman! It makes us so happy to see how lasting friendships are that were forged at our summer camp in New Hampshire. 


I would be remiss if I did not mention one other amazing long-distance, camp-friendships-are-forever, get-together from this past month. While Scott, David and I were in China we got to spend an entire week with former Kenwood camper Sam “Sausage” Schultz. Sam lives in Beijing and speaks fluent Mandarin. He’s pretty much the greatest tour guide ever, and made sure that we experienced as much of Chinese culture as possible in the short time that we were there. 

camp friends

Any time that we can spend out of camp with our current or former campers is wonderful and meaningful. As camp directors we are deeply invested in the social and emotional development of every single member of our community. We are so fortunate that almost all of our campers start with us and then remain a part of our camp community throughout their child and teen years. This continuity provides us the gift of seeing them mature year after year as they blossom into talented, impressive, incredible young adults. So having the opportunity to see one of our kids all grown up, living on the other side of the world, successfully immersed in another culture was incredibly meaningful for all three of us. Just this morning, two weeks after our trip, David, Scott and I were still kvelling about how special it was to spend this time in China with Sam. 

Camp friends really are forever. 

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